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Writer's block: need to get from the hall to the bedroom...

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Pruni · 11/05/2005 22:49

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
motherinferior · 12/05/2005 15:37

Can you call it an erection, or is that too, er, biological?

(Assuming that it is erect, of course, which in such a Sir Jasper as this it's bound to be?)

hub2dee · 12/05/2005 15:41


Pruni, you said before " I tend to stick with 'him' and don't bother referring to the tool at all."

From my humble epxerience of one, I'd suggest this was the most realistic. Or 'me' - as in 'f* me, Bridget', 's**k me, Cassandra' etc. 'Give him / me some attention, Fay'.

Ref: improbable impressiveness of aforementioned member, rather than refer to it, focus perhaps instead on Bridget's sharp intake of breath, her need to close her eyes, lost deep in rêverie on the upstroke etc...

Pruni · 12/05/2005 15:44

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
hub2dee · 12/05/2005 15:45


motherinferior · 12/05/2005 15:51

D'you ever get to write about less, er, throbbing sex? As in 'she glanced covertly at the alarm clock over his shoulder, reflecting that it was only 15 minutes to Desperate Housewives but on the other hand if they got it over now she could probably fit in a quick shower before it started, and that way she'd get a decent night's sleep'?

'He grunted equably, and rolled over to pick up his newspaper again'?

'"Hang on," she muttered, "you've forgotten something." "Er, yeah, right," he said, grabbing his trousers and heading downstairs to put on CBeebies'?

hub2dee · 12/05/2005 16:10

Hang on, mi, isn't all sex like that ?

I've taken out a specific cervix insurance clause for my private protection.


Pruni · 12/05/2005 17:55

Message withdrawn

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