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LiliLaTigresse has been to see the Divine Comedy (again...)

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LiliLaTigresse · 23/10/2006 11:10

on saturday in Bristol, with dh and dd, and Mr Hannon was in fabulous form!!!! Dd and dh even met him as they were sitting outside waiting for the first act to finish (it was really hot in there!), and had a little chat with him (I always miss out on this kind of stuff )
what a beautiful concert, happy dancing crowd, a lot of banter, and plenty of beautiful songs (new stuff and gorgeous old songs like 'When the lights go out all over Europe', Mastermind, Bad Ambassador, Don't look down, Our Mutual Friend...)
Very sad it's all over now

and I know I'll have to keep this bumped as MN isn't exactly full of DC fans!

OP posts:
Marina · 27/10/2006 12:14

Raspberry Beret is one of my fave Prince songs, sounds wonderful. Could have a problem even picking up an album called Piqures d'Araignees though
Will investigate VD further.
My dream gig would have been to see NH and Ben Folds on tour together in the States...

TheDivineLiliLaTigresse · 27/10/2006 12:18

do you know, I keep wanting to get some Ben Folds stuff but don't know where to start?
what would you recommend I buy first?
Do get Les piqures d'araignees, I know it's scary but you will thank me
you can have a look and a listen here for VD

southeastastra · 27/10/2006 12:32

i really love the first two bf5 albums, ben folds 5 and watever and ever amen. ooh going to play them now forgot all about them

Marina · 27/10/2006 12:36

Rocking the Suburbs is the perfect starting point - The Luckiest One on that album is very Divine Comedy-esque in tone.
Songs for Silverman, even more highly rated on Amazon, is his new-ish second solo album and on my Xmas list.
Fio thinks he's whiny frat-boy rubbish though

Marina · 27/10/2006 12:37

His solo stuff is even better SEastra, if that is possible!

TheDivineLiliLaTigresse · 27/10/2006 12:37

thanks southeastastra, will have to look these up
wonder if Marina concurs
btw, Duke Special played before Neilypops and were fantastic, I am considering buying their CD too

TheDivineLiliLaTigresse · 27/10/2006 12:38

I am such a slooooow typist
thanks Marina, I have to start making my Xmas wish list

southeastastra · 27/10/2006 12:40

have to check him out didn't realise he'd gone solo what happened to the others?

Marina · 27/10/2006 12:49

It's a bit like Neil and the Divine Comedy. Darren and Robert are still gigging with him AFAIK, but they are no longer formally a band. I don't think they fell out or anything (hope not, they are all old friends).

southeastastra · 27/10/2006 13:22

neil hannon really sounds like jim morrison to me.

TheDivineLiliLaTigresse · 27/10/2006 14:27

for Marina:

Twilight turns from amethyst
To deep and deeper blue
We've got an hour or two
Before it's time to go
Let's go see a movie show

Jeanne can't choose
Between the two
'Cos Jules is hip
And Jim is cool
And so they live together
With the trees and birds
And little girls
Who play upon
Poor Jean-Claude's nerves
Till finally
He strokes Claire's knee
And when she asks
Of his ambition
Jean-Pierre replies
'My mission
Is to become eternal
And to die...'
Heaven knows the reason why...

When the lights go out
All over Europe
I forget about old Hollywood,
'Cos Doris Day could never
Make me cheer up
Quite the way those French girls always could
Jean Seberg: Et puisque je suis mechante avec toi c'est la preuve que je ne suis pas amoureuse de toi
Jean Paul Belmondo: On dit qu'il n'y a pas d'amour heureux
Jean Seberg: Si je t'aimais... oh c'est trop complicé
Jean Paul Belmondo: Au contraire, il n'y a pas d'amour malheureux
Jean Seberg: Je veux que les gens s'occupant pas de moi et puis je suis independente... Peut etre que tu m'aimes?
Jean Paul Belmondo: C'est ce que lu crois, mais tu ne l'ai pas
Jean Seberg: C'est pour ca que je t'ai denonce
Jean Paul Belmondo: Je te suis superieur
Jean Seberg: Maintenant tu es force de partir
Jean Paul Belmondo: Tu es single, c'est lamentable comme raisonnment...

When the lights go out
All over Europe
I forget about old MGM
'Cos Paramount
Was never Universal
And Warners went out
Way back when
Those lights go out
All over Europe
I forget about old Hollywood,
'Cos Doris Day could never
Make me cheer up
Quite the way those French girls
Always could.

FioFio · 27/10/2006 14:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Marina · 27/10/2006 14:31

I was being terribly rude about Tom (oh, golly, I've taken one too many Junior Disprol, better get into rehab, yikes) Chaplin of Keane at the time Fio. Really rude. I am sure twas you who said BF was tedious and nasal and brattish!
But I forgive you and Lili all and everything because you are my virtual pals.

Marina · 27/10/2006 14:32

Thanks for those lovely words too Lili. Why process invoices and flourish your cardigan at nose-picking students when you can read Divine Comedy lyrics...

TheDivineLiliLaTigresse · 27/10/2006 14:41

lol at nose-picking students
you do need to read TDC lyrics then
I shall post a different one for you every day

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