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Writer's Forum: Exercise No.1 "The Neighbours"

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AussieSim · 15/04/2004 18:15

You think there is something going on at your neighbours. It has started to make you feel uncomfortable. Your DH/DP has told you to mind your own business, but your best friend says that you should start keeping a record in case something comes of it.

Write 5 entries in your diary of around 2-4 sentences each, recording what you've seen and what you think it might mean. Anything goes - don't worry about grammar, syntax etc etc.

OP posts:
Cavy · 21/04/2004 13:44

Thursday 1st: Someone knocked on our door at 3am, again. I sent him next door. Who are these people that come knocking so late??

Wednesday 7th: There were two very smart black Mercedes cars out front of No. 97, today. Lic. Registration X9-- and AB42-. About 2pm maybe 5 men came out of No. 97 and piled into the vehicles. They were all white, dark haired, had dark suits on and sunglasses. They carried themselves like FBI men.

Saturday 10th, 2:42 am: Someone banging on the door of No. 97 loudly again, they were inside by the time I got up to look.

Tuesday 13th, 3:30pm: Came home from school run and there's a police cordon around No. 97! The police won't say anything about what's inside.

Thursday 15th: The rumour on the road is that a body was found inside No. 97, and that a witness to the murder was taken out of the house to hospital. The witness is under armed guard and police protection. I sent in the license registration numbers to the police anonymously, but I don't want to come forward officially in case the murderer comes after me, too.

mummytojames · 30/04/2004 00:57

monday:hered this strange noise at three am yes three am coming from next door wondered what the hell was going on as a eighty year old woman lives there

tuesday:hered noise again this time went to investagate it just to make sure eerything was ok

wednesday:confronted her when i hered the noise and she was dancing around this fire naked me thinking she was just a silly old lady and left her to it

thursday:seen her walking down the drive and at first thought it was her granddaughter until i hered someone call her name it was then i realised god shes a witch tried to tell paul and e dont want to belive me im sure on my life shes a witch

popsycal · 03/05/2004 12:14

anyone else??

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