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Are people still having building work done?

46 replies

chocolatesaltyballs22 · 23/03/2020 09:43

My neighbours are - two workmen there at the minute. And one of their vans is parked over my drive - am raging. Don't particularly want to approach them to ask them to move. Need to go to the supermarket at lunchtime. Sometimes I feel like nothing has changed for some people. Angry

OP posts:

chocolatesaltyballs22 · 23/03/2020 12:34

Thanks @wonkylegs that's helpful and seems like a good approach.

OP posts:

Xenia · 23/03/2020 12:36

Yes, I am very pleased. The state wants life to go on so we can afford to fund the NHS through income tax so these people are heroes of te hour. There is something painting a house a few doors up and there is no one around him and he is safely painting an empty house. There is nothing wrong with that at all. At the end of the road a huge construction project is continuing.


HotGlueGun · 23/03/2020 12:46

We are in the middle of an extension/ extensive work affecting our whole house and it's at a stage where our house is not habitable. We've moved out for a few weeks but that's coming to the end now and we will be forced to move back into a building site that is unsafe and dirty for our small children. I don't know what to do. Our builders will make it as safe as possible if we do lockdown but the prospect of living in it as it stands is terrifying me.


chocolatesaltyballs22 · 23/03/2020 12:56

I feel for those of you who are in the middle of major building work, the uncertainty must be horrible.

OP posts:

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie · 23/03/2020 12:57

Over the road are getting a new roof. No one lives there though as it's a student let. I don't mind, it gives me something to look at as I work from home.


goldenorbspider · 23/03/2020 12:57

I live on a new build estate and houses are still being built!


Etinox · 23/03/2020 12:59

I’d get the builders to prioritise making the site dust and weatherproof and fixing you a temporary kitchen. Fitted wardrobes and painting will have to wait. Moving in with family isn’t a good idea either.


vegas888 · 23/03/2020 13:04

What’s wrong with getting a patio laid, it’s outside in the fresh air and not even in your property. Some people need to get a grip!


kirinm · 23/03/2020 13:05

My DP is a tradesman and lost his work yesterday. Self employed. He will take work if anyone contacts him but he doesn't expect that to happen.

I have repeated this over and over again but until the government make provisions for self employed people, they will work. Whilst it would be much more preferable to have self employed people stop working, how are they meant to survive?


Remmy123 · 23/03/2020 13:06

My brother is a builder and he continues to work - he has bills to pay and people are mid extension, work has been booked in prior to this and maybe your neighbours didn't want to let them down after confirming them?


Xenia · 23/03/2020 13:11

Well said vegas. The state has not said people should not work. If no one worked everyone would starve as we have not yet discovered the magic money tree.


Etinox · 23/03/2020 13:41

Such a relief to find this thread. We have window fitters here today. I agonised over whether to cancel but we’re already £££ in and the balance was due over the weekend. If we’re locked down I doubt they’ll survive...


EmmaStone · 23/03/2020 14:06

We've got a plumber due round today as we've got leaking pipes. It's been booked in for about 3 weeks (the soonest he could see us). He checked we were still happy for him to come, and I think as long as we're sensible, it should be ok, but I appreciate it's not ideal.

We've also got plastering and decorators booked in next week and 2 weeks after. I'm not sure about that. On the one hand, it seems foolish to have people coming in the house when not essential, on the other hand, these people have families to feed and are one-man bands (and friends of friends).


CointreauVersial · 23/03/2020 17:00

I work in the construction industry - although commercial, rather than domestic, and it's business as usual (or at least as much as possible).


Etinox · 23/03/2020 21:18

Any ideas what will happen now?


crazydiamond222 · 23/03/2020 21:27

I am not clear from the speech what was considered to be essential work. Is anyone else? Is it just key workers of could it apply to essential plumbing work, making a house water tight etc?


ProfessorPootle · 23/03/2020 21:47

My dh runs a scaffolding company, lots of jobs have been shut down as they’re massive projects in central London and companies are worried and putting stuff off but lots are still going ahead. We’re both self employed so he’s continuing as long as possible. Scaffolding and building work is often essential if buildings are in a poor state of repair.


CottonSock · 23/03/2020 21:57

@EmmaStone, I'm mid building project and they are already struggling for supplies. Tomorrow I'm guessing it will be all stop.


BanKittenHeels · 23/03/2020 23:01

I’ve seen a screen shot saying that construction workers can still work. The source is The S*n though, so not sure how reliable that is.

Our tradesperson (doing exterior work) wants to return tomorrow. It’s stressing me out so much.


crazydiamond222 · 24/03/2020 02:37

From another thread
Communities secretary says

Advice for the housing, construction & building maintenance industries:
🔹If you can work from home, do so.
🔹If you are working on site, you can continue to do so. But follow Public Health England guidance on social distancing.
🔹Outside of work, remember to #StayHomeSaveLives

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