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Please Keyworkers if you can, keep your children at home.

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Knackeredmommy · 22/03/2020 09:56

I know the info received is vague, but the advice is that everyone is safer at home and that is the best place to be. If you can keep children home tomorrow please do. There is no teaching going on, it's babysitting. Of course if you need to be at work and have no other option, then send them in, but this isn't about keeping routine or your children being taught.
Please do think carefully about it and also the school staff who are going to be looking after your children and not their own.
Stay safe.

OP posts:

HavelockVetinari · 23/03/2020 09:18

Yay! Well done @WonkyDonk87 if only more people would do the right thing like you. Thank you!


LuxLFC · 23/03/2020 09:47

Just had a email from local council (work email) insisting key workers only need to send kids in if they have no other choice. This really should've been made clear at the start (maybe it was & I wasn't paying attention because I don't have kids IDK!).


dameofdilemma · 23/03/2020 10:17

This thread made me think of this article...includes a copy of the letter from PAH to schools telling them to contact their legal dept if they've any queries... unbelievable.


Justforthislifetime · 23/03/2020 13:04


ChloeDecker · 23/03/2020 17:56

Also, car MOTs have not been suspended for 3 months only larger vehicles
Nothing stopping anyone doing a SORN for keeping it off the road in an emergency.

A lot of us have been deemed keyworkers by our companies and not ourselves

Yet again, this is my point also but keeps being missed by people not reading in full, what I write. The fact is that the list was so overly long that companies have been abusing it to prevent their staff from working my home. That has been entirely my point!

In addition, the poster I am referring to was a PA not a mechanic so could work from home. They admitted it them self. Hmm


Dutchesss · 23/03/2020 18:05

I have a relative who doesn't need to send their child in but are doing so because they want their child to keep their normal routine.
The world has gone mad I tell you.


woodhill · 23/03/2020 18:14

How are they getting away with doing that?


Shopkinsdoll · 23/03/2020 18:18

As soon as the extensive list of key workers were announced, there was always going to be the usual army of piss takers, who ever only think about themselves. I know lots of “key worker” parents who are putting there kids into school or free childcare as we know it. They have the utter cheek when there is another non key worker parent sitting in the house, while they should be watching there own children. My sister is a nursery nurse and is having to look after key workers children, while a high percentage shouldn’t be there because of this. Risking her own health. Iv recently realised a lot of British are selfish, ignorant, horrible grabbing people.


cloudbutter · 23/03/2020 18:47

I'm a key worker. Working from home but I have to do visits. My job plays a large role in protecting our borders from all sorts. Drugs, guns etc. I feel so guilty for sending my son to the childminder. I honestly don't know what else to do though. I'm a key worker, I'm expected to work and I can't work with my son at home. I don't actually want to send him to the childminder. I want him home with me.


District26 · 23/03/2020 18:56

@ChloeDecker nurses, doctors etc can't sorn their cars. I did read your post in full, but you were fully coming at the fact that person worked within motor parts when that person has not deemed themself a key worker. You don't just have to be a mechanic to not be able to work from home. I'm a manager in the parts industry and I can do no part of my job from home. I suggest if you have no knowledge of the trade then you don't comment on it.


ChloeDecker · 23/03/2020 21:08


The fact is, when I wrote my post, I was referring specifically about someone who could have been working from home, yet was not going to because of the expanded keyworker list and this potentially puts lives at risk.

Your situation doesn’t change that. Fact.


ChloeDecker · 25/03/2020 14:31

For anyone still reading this, the government have given a 6 month reprieve on MOTs for all vehicles.

Drivers to get six-month emergency MOT extension [[]]


DentalPatient · 25/03/2020 14:44

I know of a key worker who is a nurse and sending her kids into school to watch films. Her husband works from home so I am failing to see why they are going in. It will really increase the chances of passing corona on as she is in a hospital.


xsquared · 25/03/2020 20:43

Do some schools have different rules? I know someone who isn't working at the moment but spouse is a keyworker but still chooses to send her child to school.

I really want to say something, because it's not about whether it's a better use of the child's time being at or at school, but about protecting their health and the health of others. :(

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