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Where can I get toiletries delivered from?

44 replies

FuckADuckie · 22/03/2020 00:24

Stock seems too be low and deliveries long.

I need things like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant etc...

Superdrug don't seem to have anything and the boots site is so slow

OP posts:

malovitt · 22/03/2020 05:08

Avon are still delivering - do you have a local representative?


MurrayTheMonk · 22/03/2020 06:16 day delivery- no issue.


FuckADuckie · 22/03/2020 10:47

I'm in self isolation.

I can't go out to all these shops

OP posts:

PotholeParadise · 22/03/2020 10:49

Are the links any good?


DareToEatAPeach · 22/03/2020 10:54

My carer actually makes soap, I know it's main ingredients are fat/oil and caustic soda (drain cleaner) I'll ask him for a simple recipe.

Please be careful. I make soap and you need a rock solid recipe that has been double checked by someone who knows or a knowledge yourself about the rate at which different fats react with c soda. It's a balance and, if you get it wrong, it leaves too much of the caustic ingredient 'free' in the end bar.

Soap takes a few weeks to mature before you can use it - though the hot proces method is ready to use much quicker.

Caustic soda burns skin so you do need to take precuaitons - i.e. wear protecting gloves and goggles.


DareToEatAPeach · 22/03/2020 10:55 still appears to have a number of 99p shampoo options. Worth looking?


alloutoffucks · 22/03/2020 11:05

If you have nothing, you can use bar soap or even washing up liquid. Basically any kind of soap. Won't do as quite a good job, but still works.


ErrolTheDragon · 22/03/2020 11:05

Caustic soda burns skin so you do need to take precuaitons - i.e. wear protecting gloves and goggles.

I did a chemistry degree - strong alkalis need to be treated with as much care as strong acids. Now is not the time for people to be doing anything unfamiliar which may be risky and which could hurt them.


Cohle · 22/03/2020 12:21

OP it seems like you're trying to create problems rather than solve them.

Online retailers like amazon and savers still have plenty of budget versions available for delivery.


blackcat86 · 22/03/2020 12:38

I hate giving money to Amazon but right now Amazon prime is your friend.


RoseDog · 22/03/2020 12:50

Pound check daily as the stock changes frequently, usually they deliver quick but it's taking a few days longer due to current issues!


stella1know · 22/03/2020 13:09
i buy from this small shop and the soap bars
last ages on a soap dish drying between uses, and dont dry my hands out like liquid soap. Liquid soap isn’t actually proper soap, it is detergent mixed with water and other stuff which is why it is so much worse. Everyone will have cracked hands at the end of the month 😦


delilahbucket · 22/03/2020 13:16

You can shop online at Wilko and Amazon have most things available too. A lot of toiletries I get with Amazon subscribe and save.


Kmx123 · 22/03/2020 14:30

Depends what you need my locals were out of stock had calpol sanitary towels aussie shampoo and conditioner sanex shower gel but delievery is 10 days at the moment but i also got some food items too


WhentheDealGoesDown1 · 22/03/2020 14:37

Wilko deliver


TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 · 22/03/2020 14:40

Pound shop online


Seventyone72seventy3 · 22/03/2020 14:42

We always have bar soap rather than liquid soap as there is less packaging and it's generally nicer imo. I have been in lockdown for weeks with my family and have given up using deodorant- noone has noticed/complained yet!


ClientQueen · 22/03/2020 14:46


ErrolTheDragon · 24/03/2020 09:04

I just remembered this thread - DH has just placed an order with the chap we normally get our soap from at a farmers market. We get a boxful at a time as this glycerine soap turned out to be the one sort which doesn't kick of DHs eczema. Some of them are made with essential oils, they're all good though I wouldn't use the mint on my nethers. Grin
Their hand wash is nice too, I expect the shower gel is similar.

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