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Is there any financial Help for those on job seekers allowance?

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Greenbutterlfy566 · 20/03/2020 18:08

Is there any financial Help for those on job seekers allowance?

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MaMaMyCorona · 20/03/2020 19:33

Wow the #bekind movement didn't last long did it?!!
People on job seekers arent/haven't been able to stockpile and now will be having to pay hugely inflated prices to get ANY food from corner shops as most can't drive and supermarkets are empty. It's hard to feed yourselves on job seekers as it is,let alone now!
Maybe people could try and show a modicum of compassion to everyone as we are ALL struggling in some way at the moment and everyone is worried regardless of their situation.


Greenbutterlfy566 · 20/03/2020 19:34

They are high risk. They lost their job a month ago and is now concerned about getting a job as family high risk as everyone is told to work from home.

OP posts:

Greenbutterlfy566 · 20/03/2020 19:36


OP posts:

eaglejulesk · 20/03/2020 19:41

What a nasty fucking bunch of twats you are on here today, Be fucking kind.

This! Some of you judgemental people may find yourselves in a situation where you have to claim a benefit one day, it can happen to anyone, and life on a benefit isn't as cruisy as some of you obviously believe. If this is the way you react to a simple question I fear for humanity.


HugoAvril · 20/03/2020 19:50

I have been unemployed since December, I'm now claiming income support as have a toddler. I get housing benefit, it totals £304 a month, my rent is £475. Definitely can't find cheaper rent. I'm so shocked to hear that people still believe you get enough to live on. All the value options for soap, toilet roll, cat food etc has sold out. I'm facing prices in the shops that I cannot afford as only high priced brands left on the shelf. The poorest are absolutely going to be stretched even further.


SapphireSalute · 20/03/2020 19:52

how are people working from home high risk....they are isolated!


Butterer · 20/03/2020 19:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Radarred · 20/03/2020 20:00

I think the best thing would be if people could stop buying all the food and toilet rolls. This would help people managing on a small benefit because they can not afford to bulk buy.


AnotherEmma · 20/03/2020 20:06

Is this you or someone else?
Assuming you/they are claiming new-style JSA (which is contributory and not means-tested) yes there is additional help available: it is possible to claim Universal Credit as well as nsJSA, but it is means-tested and it depends on circumstances; people in household, household income and savings, etc.


AnotherEmma · 20/03/2020 20:06

PS Also whether you/they are renting or paying a mortgage


Bufferingkisses · 21/03/2020 09:26

Sorry, my earlier response was snippy at best. You're quite right this is costing everyone more money even if they are not in the groups who are more obviously affected. I understand that universal credit is being raised by £1000 for the year. I don't know all the details, I assume they may not be released yet, but that should mean around £20 per week extra for a single claimant. Hopefully that will help along with the increased housing benefit.


Bluntness100 · 21/03/2020 09:39

Op everyone is told to work from home where possible. It doesn’t make you high risk. Those to self isolate are the vulnerable ones. The high risk ones are those going out every day and not social distancing.

I’m still not sure why you think they should get more money?

The money people are getting is not some form of compensation, it’s in lieu of their wages to make sure they can continue to pay their bills.


LittleRootie · 21/03/2020 14:21

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