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Key worker? Virtually everyone!

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Dilbertian · 20/03/2020 12:20

The list of key workers is so extensive that some schools are going to find themselves too full for the number of staff available to supervise children, even if ratios are relaxed.

OP posts:

Ronnie1234 · 27/03/2020 06:05

Myself & husband are classed as key workers - My 2.5 is in an independent nursery it's closing tomorrow waiting on local council regarding any positions for key worker children available

My 8.5 year old has been to key working provisions two days this week

Today my mum is due to have them (works in hospital)
OH - key worker also has now said he'll work then come home for me to work so they don't go to Grandmother as he's worried about infection (few of my mums colleagues have tested positive)

But my sister also works in the hospital & I'm due to have her daughter my niece Monday so surely that's still ignoring infection control me having her?!

Goodness knows what we do next week - juggle that when it comes as each relative was going to do one day (three days in total)

The other relative isn't in a hospital / care environment

But I'm unsure of OH reasoning I understand the infection control thing but we're not self isolating??

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