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I wish Boris would enforce closure of supermarkets to customers on Sunday

39 replies

Ariela · 19/03/2020 21:50

Or for a couple of days.

With a lecture on the ethics of stockpiling when you don't need it, and it is not necessary as it leads to further panic buying and FOMO. part of the problem is that so many people are not at work so have time to trawl round the supermarkets buying anything they can get their hands on.

Just a closure for one or two days, a relaxation on the rules for lorry deliveries (I know some stores it isn't permitted to have deliveries on Sundays) to allow the shelves to be re-stocked thoroughly, and to give the staff a break from the awful rude stockpiling customers. There is apparently plenty of food but it just needs distributing to the warehouses and to the stores. We keep seeing videos on FB of fully stocked shelves in Italy, in Spain and in other countries. So we know we don't need to do this.

I'm sure if there is plenty on the shelves it would discourage the panic buying. I do wonder how much fresh veg, fruit and meat will be chucked out as past sell by date. I happened to pop into a supermarket yesterday for a pack of (quilted) loo rolls for an elderly lady I shop for. This was 5pm and there was nothing on the fresh veg shelves other than carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic and a bit of salad. No fresh mince or sausages. No tins, and no loo rolls.

If anyone needs food, all the little shops round our way at least seem to have a wide range of stuff (but not quilted loo rolls, sadly being 94 she can't manage the thin stuff) , so anyone needing food / essentials on Sunday could probably find it.

Would be interested to see what everyone else thinks

OP posts:

CappyCapCap · 20/03/2020 04:08

An even better idea would be strict entrance on Sunday for vulnerable and elderly only. Everyone else told to stay off the streets in those hours.” Was about to suggest same.

Worst idea.

My friend is a single parent and working. She cant go when it opens at 6am. When she finishes theres nothing there.

You think anyone who works during the week should have to squash in on a Saturday? My friend with her kids? Probably not get what she needs?

I would do hers. But I work too. I cant go and get shopping for 2 houses, due to restrictions.

Will Saturdays be for people who work only?

I am glad there are vulnerable shopping hours. But where are the hours for people who cant shop until later in the day?

Why would you shut sunday to people who work mon-fri and then make them all go Saturday?


Thepigeonsarecoming · 20/03/2020 04:10

I don’t get what closing Sunday’s would achieve? It helps those working weekdays and provides a wage to more people?


CappyCapCap · 20/03/2020 04:10

I really think working single parents have been dumped in the shit in this one. As well as household that need 2 people to work. And people think because they are fine because they still work.

No one thinks 'how the fuck do they actually get hold of food?'


CappyCapCap · 20/03/2020 05:03

There was no Sunday trading at one time and people still managed to get their shopping done.

How many 2 parent working households were there then. Single parents who worked full time?

Or did families have someone who could do the shopping during the week?


Monty27 · 20/03/2020 05:07

It's choice for some people to work Sundays. Or perhaps preferable.
Choice is the operative word here. Sadly it's mostly compulsory


1nterstar · 20/03/2020 05:13

No ridiculous idea. What about those working full time. I have tried every day after work and there is nothing left. Got told our Lidl opens at 8 and stripped by 9. Only days I can get in early are the weekend. It’s not working families who are stockpiling.


Fatted · 20/03/2020 05:42

I was going to say there ARE still people expected to still go out to work in all of this OP, but I've been beaten to it. I'm not sure when you expect them to do the food shop.


Dzundza · 20/03/2020 06:03

“I think they should employ more pickers, close supermarkets completely and only allow click and collect.” I’ve been thinking same but inc prioritising deliveries too. I’m housebound and I’m really struggling both to get delivery slots AND with unavailability of essential products.,

I'm in a different country and one of the large sipermarket chains commented that they can't suddenly magic up the extra delivery cars for this but that there is enough if people stop panic buying. I suspect tha UK is in a similar position.


Graphista · 20/03/2020 13:59

Ok well how about all day wed only for vulnerable customers?

People working regular mon-fri hours could still go Sunday and if open all day then any vulnerable people who are still having to work could go at some point on the wed?

Dzundza you’re probably right, people need to just stop panic buying.

If they don’t soon then rationing will become necessary.


DustyMaiden · 20/03/2020 15:31


Have you never tried marmalade roasted carrots? They’re good.


CappyCapCap · 20/03/2020 15:43

People working regular mon-fri hours could still go Sunday and if open all day then any vulnerable people who are still having to work could go at some point on the wed?

How are you policing it?

And are weekends only going to be for people who cant go during the week?

People just need to pack it in Grin

Or everyone gets a book of vouchers. 1 trip to the supermarket per week and buying restrictions kept in place.


MegaClutterSlut · 20/03/2020 15:47

Shutting on Sunday is not a good idea imo. Can you imagine the stampede of people on monday morning knowing the shelves were being restocked? It's bad enough atm and the shelves are bare!


BettyIsMyFavouriteSquirrel · 20/03/2020 15:48

Don’t be so bloody stupid, the shelves are empty round here so we’re having to go daily to get something to eat that day, if the shops closed for 2 days we’d go hungry.


Graphista · 20/03/2020 16:49

“Or everyone gets a book of vouchers. 1 trip to the supermarket per week and buying restrictions kept in place” that’s rationing. No reason it couldn’t be implemented now.

“How are you policing it?” Just off top of head:

Pension letters for elderly possibly with age ID, blue badges and/or disability benefits letters for disabled.

Not sure about temporarily vulnerable but not usually classed as disabled

Pregnant - might have docs proving that if no noticeable bump yet?

Asthmatics and otherwise vulnerable letter/email from dr? I know nhs hates email but needs must.

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