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council run swimming pools open or closed?

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wifidatateens · 17/03/2020 22:30

I am shocked that our council run swimming pool/leisure centre has posted tonight to say they are staying open. Is this the same across other areas? In our area all clubs have stopped all meetings including athletics and scouting etc but the pool stays open.

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Adviceforlife · 17/03/2020 22:31

Ours have closed, all pools, gyms and sports facilities. They've also said they won't take a membership fee during closure. Which is decent I think.

Notlong20 · 17/03/2020 22:33

Is it an Everyone Active centre? We have had email tonight from them saying they are staying open for our children’s swimming lessons etc.

wifidatateens · 17/03/2020 22:37

I don't think it is part of a chain, certainly not aware that it is Everyone Active. What is opinion on them staying open as I am shocked?

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cricketmum84 · 17/03/2020 22:38

All the Leeds council run ones have announced tonight they will be closed from 7pm until at least 29th March.

Notlong20 · 17/03/2020 22:48


council run swimming pools open or closed?
sleepyhead · 17/03/2020 22:52

All our council leisure facilities closed today until at least the end of April. Pools, other sports facilities, museums, libraries.

wifidatateens · 17/03/2020 22:54

Sleepyhead - are you able to say where you are or Pm if you prefer not. thank you. Anyone else?

OP posts:
Numbersarefun · 17/03/2020 22:54

South Norfolk are closing all theirs from this evening.

FlamingoAndJohn · 17/03/2020 22:54

Ours closed today.
Swimming pools, museums, art galleries, theatres all closed.

sleepyhead · 17/03/2020 22:57
wifidatateens · 17/03/2020 22:59

Flamingo - are you able to say where you are or Pm if you prefer not. thank you. Anyone else?

OP posts:
Goldrill · 17/03/2020 23:00

GLL/better centres seem to still be open. Swim England only advised clubs to shut down at about 6pm today, so we were still training until tonight.

fodderbeet · 17/03/2020 23:02

Our local one says to use wipes on gym equipment. That's it.

BilboBercow · 17/03/2020 23:04

Ours has closed along with all leisure and community centres. Unfortunately this means my afterschool care provider doesn't have a premises and has also closed

20Newnames · 17/03/2020 23:05

Ours is fully open and posted tonight saying so.
There is an option to suspend membership.

I was surprised to be honest.

ladylunchalot · 17/03/2020 23:06

Ours sent out an email today to say they were shutting from tonight but didn't say for how long. They've suspended fees and will amend if you've already paid when it opens up again.
It's council run gyms and pools for the area - North Lanarkshire.

InDubiousBattle · 17/03/2020 23:06

Bradford council announced closures of pools, museums etc today. Libraries are staying open though I think.

confusednortherner · 17/03/2020 23:07

Last night ours were staying open indefinitely, message this afternoon saying closed from tonight till May .

Bunnybigears · 17/03/2020 23:08

Everyone Active in our area are staying open so far.

Chaotica · 17/03/2020 23:10

Our pool was open this morning. Don't know the current situation.

Lorrain123 · 17/03/2020 23:11

I contacted ours today and was told businesses as usual !!!!!so I cancelled my direct debit payments.

Getitdonesharpish · 17/03/2020 23:13

Ours was open today (in London). Completely empty though.

RightOnTheEdge · 17/03/2020 23:16

Our local council swimming pool has announced that they will be remaining open.
It really surprised me because so many other things in our town are closing.

Mintylizzy9 · 17/03/2020 23:22

Ours council pool staying open as apparently the chlorine kills off the virus... that was their latest email!

Also have swimming lessons at a private place but they’ve closed.

wifidatateens · 17/03/2020 23:36

No idea how council run pools can differ between areas as it is not even like the ones closest to London are the ones closing. How can they not agree a consistent interpretation of the advice.

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