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Any other very mild asthmatics not knowing wtf to do?

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SachaStark · 16/03/2020 22:50

I haven’t used my blue inhaler for over two years. My GP doesn’t even let me have the flu jab for free anymore, I have to pay.

So... am I supposed to be in the vulnerable category or not?

My plan was to keep working for as long as possible (teacher), and I’m not feeling the need to self-isolate yet.

Anybody else in the same position not knowing what to do?

OP posts:

MissingSilence · 16/03/2020 23:24

I don’t know what to do either. I have asthma, preventer inhalers and free flu jab etc. If I get unwell it affects my chest, have had steroids and antibiotics multiples times in the past. But I’ve actually had a good couple of years ... a few blips but nothing major. I’m a community NHS worker and can’t see them giving me time off. I’m worried though.


Notsure26 · 16/03/2020 23:32

Please dont everyone start panicking and order millions of inhalers just in case. Some people really need them day to day and thats without Coronavirus. Creating unnecessary shortages of what is essentially life saving medication is not what is needed right now


nicky2512 · 17/03/2020 04:38

Dd has very mild asthma. Really just a bit off breathlessness at times but she also has chronic fatigue syndrome and has a tendency to chest infections. In fact she has just finished her second course of antibiotics for a lingering one which still doesn’t seem completely shifted. Will phone GP tomorrow.
I’m terrified.
She’s been off school since it started and won’t be going back even though it’s A level year (and she has big hopes for university). But her dad still has to work and her brother still goes to school so I don’t know if we are really keeping her safe. I disinfect everything, we all keep as much distance as we can, change clothes and wash when we get in etc but what else can I do. We can’t all stay in for 12 weeks.


stuckinthemiddlewithtwats · 17/03/2020 04:56

Something I read yesterday specified that you must have been previously hospitalised for asthma to be included in the group that needs to consider self-isolating.
That makes more sense to me than every single person with asthma assuming they're at risk. Unless it's chronic, there's no need to overreact.


PieceOfMaria · 17/03/2020 05:12

I’m in the same boat and wondering the same thing. I’ve not needed or used an inhaler in three or four years but if I get a cold or chesty cough I can feel my asthma creeping back a bit. Not enough to go to the doctors but I’m aware it’s still lurking given encouragement.

I think I’m going to go back onto the preventative inhaler just to be on the safe side.

I’m already pretty much self isolating and social distancing (easy for me as I WFH anyway and my DC have left home) just to be on the safe side.


PieceOfMaria · 17/03/2020 05:16

I think you are right stuck but knowing how it can feel when a chest infection hits, and not wanting to burden hospitals if it can be avoided, I’m going to restart the preventative inhaler in the hope that if I get CV it’s more manageable than it might otherwise be.

I’m not self isolating because I consider myself high risk, just because it seems like a sensible thing to do for those who can. I am leaving the house for essentials though, just not for whims or entertainment.


Toffiffeee89 · 17/03/2020 06:05

I use my inhaler every day , feel ok but my 6 year old has viral wheeze which he has been in hospital overnight 4 times, last one was pneumonia in December . He's wheezing at the moment with a cold so I'm keeping him off today hoping he will be well enough tomorrow. I'm beside myself not knowing what is the best thing to do long term

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