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If you have asthma are you reducing social contact?

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Queenfreak · 15/03/2020 21:48

Just that really. I'm currently staying home because I have pneumonia (NOT C19 related). I've felt so awful, so now concerned about the impact C19 could have on me. However I've also got a toddler (not yet in nursery) and due to her being Ill recently and me being very poorly we haven't really been out socially for a month now. Poor child is climbing the walls!
I dont know what to do for the best.

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OneHanded · 15/03/2020 23:21

No. Had chest infection that became sepsis last year. Life goes on. Might ask if I can have a reliever inhaler but I’ve been meaning to do so for ages anyway.


Saz12 · 15/03/2020 23:22

D&d, I’m so very sorry.

I have asthma, so does DD, have increased my preventor and trying to be out less, but is v hard!!


2018SoFarSoGreat · 16/03/2020 00:15

@DevastatedandDistraught so, so sorry to read this. I hope you find some consolation somewhere.


craddock287 · 16/03/2020 00:25

I’ve been turning this over in my mind all weekend. Have severe asthma (lots of itu admissions, on omulizumb etc.) but have been stable for a while. On the other hand, it’s always when I pick up a resp virus or something that I have got really sick. Should I self isolate? It could be for a long time. Work not an issue, but live in a shared house so impossible to control environment outside of my (very small) bedroom. Atm I’m not doing anything different apart from significantly increased hand hygiene. Is this madness? Should I isolate? If I get it, I’ll likely be very sick. But the chances of getting it? ... sorry for ramble..... it’s just so difficult to know what’s best.


GruffalosOldTrousers · 16/03/2020 06:48

Just found this from the Asthma Association of Ireland. It has some helpful advice.


joffreyscoffees · 16/03/2020 06:56

DH has asthma, there's nothing much he can do apart from ensuring he has a good stock of inhalers available. Work is business as usual although he can work from home as and when we go into isolation.

We didn't really go anywhere crowded at the weekend with DD - kept to outdoor spaces.


Nuttyaboutnutella · 16/03/2020 07:05

devastatedanddistraught Flowers
I'm so sorry.

I'm asthmatic and have reduced social contact. Still seeing family and close friend, but have cancelled Mother's Day meal, groups for DS, unnecessary trips out etc. I've got to go to pharmacy tomorrow but I'm avoiding things that are important. Still taking DS to school but he's only just started a few weeks ago, has ASD and last week we had some successful days so trying to keep that up as much as possible at the moment.

My asthma is quite mild but it's gotten worse recently as I wasn't taking my preventer consistently (I am now) but I've had a tight chest the last few days so am being more mindful.


Queenfreak · 16/03/2020 08:03

I'm so so sorry about your child. I cant imagine how I would feel without my 2 year old. Please do keep talking on here if you need to.

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