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Small budget, what should I buy just incase?

34 replies

Bohomie · 10/03/2020 10:53

Just that really
I've got £20 max
Really haven't got any extra money to spare
I need to use it wisely
What would you buy?

OP posts:

Judystilldreamsofhorses · 10/03/2020 16:15

Oh, the other thing was bottles of Ribena. As a kid I always got hot Ribena if I was poorly, and if I am unwell I still find it quite comforting. If you gave me it at any other time I would not thank you for it!


Elouera · 10/03/2020 16:24

OP- you might find many staples things have already sold out! Today I went to Iceland, a tesco metro and sainsburys. Only iceland had a few loo rolls left, and they were the cheapest, thin ones. No hand wash. No flour at tescos except wholemeal bread flour. Tinned veg/legumes were available, but most were the more expensive brands only.

Agree with other suggestions re longer life food, milk, tins, frozen veg etc. Do you have a thermometer? If not, get one, along with paracetamol and ibuprofen that you and the kids can have. These will bring down a fever and help with aches/pains etc.


cobwebsoncornices · 10/03/2020 17:06

My worst case scenario is that there might be a 48hr period when DH and I are knocked out and can't really get out of bed at the primary aged DC are OK. I have bought Cheerios as they will eat them without milk, got some cheese slices (long date) and put some sandwich thins in the freezer, got some really artificial yogurts with a long date and some biscuits. The DC can survive off that for a couple of days without needing to use knives or cook and is all seen as different food to the stuff we usually get so, whilst it will get boring, will have a bit of novelty value.


TweetUsOnFacebook · 10/03/2020 17:17

I went shopping again today and got a few things that don't seem to be selling out everywhere. Cereal and porridge, apples and potatoes to store in the fridge, instant hot choc (the mix with water stuff), long life fruit juice, biscuits and crackers.

I need to go shopping again tomorrow to get some supplies for PIL (late 70s). They are so laid back about it all and haven't even thought about getting some extra bits. If it does get bad soon we don't want them to have to go out shopping. FIL is already not in the best health.

We've also got very elderly and very weak neighbours Sad and will be checking on them. I want to make sure we have enough supplies to share with them if necessary. In fact, a lot in our neighbourhood are elderly Sad


TweetUsOnFacebook · 10/03/2020 17:17

So sorry wrong thread Blush


alexdgr8 · 10/03/2020 18:18

money goes further at Lidl, if you have one near enough.
suggest you buy cous-cous, they do a big box for about a pound. a little goes a long way. shew your children how it can easily be made in a bowl, just cover with boiling water from kettle and cover, leave for a few minutes. or you can mix it in to soups, sauces, etc to bulk out.
tins of cheap fish, sardines, pilchards, mackerel.
packet soup is cheaper and easier to prepare with kettle, also for one person, a people may not feel like eating a meal, or at same time all together.
lots of tins ; tomatoes, legumes, kidney etc beans, spaghetti, baked beans, fruit. maybe big greek yogurt, to add to cereal, or tinned fruit. carton of custard if its liked. cheapest cheese block. scrape/marge. cooking oil.
liquid soap if you can get it. also make sure you have enough laundry detergent. powder is cheapest. own brand.
toilet roll can also be used as tissues, but make sure each person has their own straight from the packet roll, not take from one in loo which will be contaminated by use. make sure you have bleach, and spray cleaner with bleach if poss. bleach kills virus.
cheap shampoo which can also be used for general bath/shower use.
dont waste money on unnecesaries or duplication.
maybe some cheap ice-cream if you have freezer. can be good source of nutrition and more palatable if someone feels ill, has sore throat.
good luck. keep posting. lidl rules ok ! and do good ice cream.


alexdgr8 · 10/03/2020 18:23

oh and long life milk, tea, coffee, mixable soft drinks if wished. like own brand lemon/orange barley water.


mumwon · 10/03/2020 20:47

tins of tuna
baked beans
sweet corn
onions & potatoes (place separately in 2 canvas or paper bags or old pillow cases - keep dark & dry)
LL milk and/or dried milk
tinned soup


mumwon · 10/03/2020 20:48

squash/orange (or other juice)

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