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Read this is you're fed up ttc and could do with a laugh (at my expense!)

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Moomin · 23/03/2004 20:00

How shameful!!
Finally got to see our consultant this morning. He fitted us in specially early because dh sometimes works with him and they know each other well-ish.
I didn't realise he'd want to examine me today but he did and so I popped next door, before popping my clothes off and popping onto the couch. Plan was to do a quick smear 1st - I've been putting off having one done at my surgery because they always want you in the middle of your cycle and not to have sex (JUST the time you should be doing it when ttc!). Consultant said it didn't matter when I'd had sex. Was then going to have a vaginal ultrasound.
Smear was under way, nurse and consultant were making small talk, when there was a long pause and I could tell they were struggling with something. I looked over at them just as they were sorting out the swab onto the slide..... and I can see it's DRIPPING with, how can I put this?... well let's just say, when we told the consultant we'd had sex recently, I don't think he realised it was as recent as 2 hours previous.... It was everywhere!!!
I know I shouldn't worry about it but even so....

OP posts:
carla · 24/03/2004 22:57

Shames me to think......

BeckiF · 25/03/2004 12:26

Moomin, when I arrived at the hospital for my ping-pong-agram (can't remember the full name but it's further down the thread) I was sobbing and getting myself in a right state! The thought of a metal tube being pushed through my cervix (which is made for things to come the other way) was terrifying me. Anyway, a nurse took me into the room, showed me the place and explained it in full. She explained that the cervix is a mostly insensitive part of your body but that the dye might make me get a cramp. Anyway, there I am with my legs akimbo and the lady doctor trying to put this long thin metal tube through my cervix. I have to say, that apart from the indignity and a tiny amount of uncomfort (not even pain) the tube going through was ok. And she had quite a job getting it through. Anyway, when they injected the dye is when I got the cramp and it made me go 'Ooohh!' but that's all! It was amazing to watch it going through my stystem on the screen which they moved so that I could see it. Anyway, they removed the tube and gave me a wipe. I had a tiny little bit of a bleed and was a tat sore for a few hours (mostly when sitting down) but that's it. It really is the fear of the procedure than the procedure itself. If you can avoid the general I always think that is better, but it's ersonal choice! Good luck!

Moomin · 25/03/2004 20:30

Thanks BeckiF. Has anyone else had the thing under general and want to tell me about it?

OP posts:
150percent · 25/03/2004 21:55

I had the lap and dye under general. Day surgery, so fairly quick and easy. Though still takes up most of a day as you have to wait to be discharged (I had to wait for the consultant to come round and talk to me at the end of his list). A bit odd finding that some of the dye was still leaking later on when let out of hospital. Main discomfort was in shoulders, due to trapped gas - they basically pump your abdomen full of gas when doing the lap. I think it was a bit uncomfortable for a day or two, but not too bad (ie no need for painkillers). I think that I did take another day or so off work though, but could have probably gone in if absolutely necessary.

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