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The alternative guide to getting pregnant

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bluestar · 11/03/2004 20:29

I thought we should have a thread for all the things that we hear/read about/have been successful in for trying to get pregnant. Not the heavy duty stuff but the things that we can try to pass the waiting time each month. I have tried temping and OPKs and now I want to try something a bit more lighthearted that might just tip the balance in my favour! I'll start off - both times I have become pregnant (1 ds, 1 mc) I have got drunk and eaten at the same restaurant just prior to the bding time. So I might well go back there this month just to see what the odds are! I have also started taking starflower oil too. Michael Douglas has been made to eat liver by his dear wife to increase his virility! It can be things for us girls or the boys! How about anyone else? Your stories???

OP posts:
bluestar · 16/03/2004 21:25

so oliveoil, you won't be 'renting' yourself out for threesomes then???????

OP posts:
Bron · 16/03/2004 21:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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