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I'm sure I'm not but.....

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kaz33 · 27/01/2004 16:10

DS2 now 8 months and had gone back on pill but a couple of months missed a few days so decided as sex definitely wasn't on the agenda to forget about that month but then go back on the pill when my next period came.

So waited until period came and started taking the pill on first day of period. Miracle of miracle had sex, I thought seven days after restarting pill ( which is ok I seem to remember ) but to be honest should have read the instructions again and not even sure that it wasn't five or six days after going back on pill. First sex that I had wanted to have for about 4 months so obviously DP very keen.

Period due in a couple of days but for about a week or so I have had a discharge with small amounts of blood in it. This is not normal for me.
Moody, could easily be PMT. Also yesterday and today found it hard to stomach my lunch, always a sign of pregnancy with me.

Sure I am not and period will soon come. But what if I was and had been happily taking the pill for the last three weeks. Would that affect the foetus?

The thought of another one so soon after DS2 is aan interesting thought !!

Just wanted to tell someone really as I am going mad. Maybe it is my body psychologically telling me something....

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kaz33 · 29/01/2004 11:38

Thanks emmatmg

Its made me realise that I want another child and if I was then I would have the baby even though coping with two is hellish enough.

Anyway bleeding has stopped and now waiting for AF - don't feel like period is due. Off to Paris for the weekend with DP and no kids. Have packed Tampax and pregnancy tests...

See you next week ladies

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spacemonkey · 02/02/2004 10:36

any news kaz33?

kaz33 · 02/02/2004 10:50

False alarm - AF started as soom as I got to Paris, there went the dirty weekend without the kids. Bit of a relief - not ready yet, but maybe in a year or two !!

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motherinferior · 02/02/2004 13:05

Don't tempt me!

emmatmg · 02/02/2004 13:07

Oh....I'm pleased you're relieved about it. I'll just wait for the next mumsnetter PG news

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