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ISolemnlySwearIAmUpToNoGood · 19/10/2023 11:11

I bought the pink version of the first one for my daughter and it's not great to be honest.

Had to take the first one back as it was faulty and even with the second one the picture quality isn't very good. It's also a pain that it's not chargeable and has to have batteries replaced which don't last very long.

ISolemnlySwearIAmUpToNoGood · 19/10/2023 11:14

Forgot to add paid £40 for it about a year and a half ago

Merrow · 19/10/2023 11:32

We've got the printcam version for DS1 who is 4, but his 8 year old cousin also loves playing with it. To be honest as a camera it's very poor, but as a toy it's great. The print feature I think gives it a lot more longevity, and DS loves printing off the photos he takes of people as gifts. There's also a pretty cool comic strip feature. Because it prints in black and white the refill paper is cheap.

Sundaefraise · 19/10/2023 11:33

I got one for my daughter and it honestly just doesn’t take good pictures. It didn’t get much use.

wineandmaltesershappyme · 19/10/2023 11:35

I got the first one for my daughter when she was 3, it's ok for that age, wouldn't buy it for a 6yr old. I'm thinking of getting her the second one you posted or this:

wineandmaltesershappyme · 19/10/2023 11:37

Link didn't post, looking at the Vtech Touch Pink Kidisnap

Mrburnshound · 19/10/2023 12:27

Thank you all. Very useful to know

OP posts:
EasterIssland · 21/10/2023 08:21

My son loves it. It doesn’t take good pics but it’s a good way of them getting into photography
i paid £36 last year in one of the many Amazon prime days

Swearwolf · 21/10/2023 08:52

My 7 year old has the second one and absolutely loves it, definitely worth the money! It can make videos and she makes tonnes of funny little films with her brother. Go for that one!

Mrburnshound · 21/10/2023 11:25

Thanks - i think i will, just holding out for black friday!

OP posts:
Sugarfree23 · 21/10/2023 21:09

I think a 6yo would be better with a cheap digital camera rather than a vtech toy one.
Someone might be able to verify but the vtech camera also has games on it.

DaffodilSunshine · 21/10/2023 23:25

We have the VTech camera and it's really hard for kids to take pictures with because the camera isn't great. My son much prefers to borrow my phone and use the camera as it has much better autofocus etc

Carrie76 · 21/10/2023 23:28

I got this for my 7 yr old last Christmas and she loves it. It gets lots of use and she makes little videos with it too camera

Mrburnshound · 24/10/2023 17:32

Thanks, DS does use my phone for pics a lot - i do like that you can do effects on the v tech one but dont really want him playing games on it (i will probably get the same for my 4yo) maybe i will have a look at regular digital cameras with special effects

OP posts:
psuedocream3 · 24/10/2023 17:45

We bought the cheaper one and it was faulty, took ages o start and the quality of the photos were rubbish.

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