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Presents for a 7YO girl who doesn't like toys that much?

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Dreamwhisper · 15/09/2022 16:32

I have based much of my Christmas ideas for DD who has just turned 7 around toys I think my DD would like, or around toys I think I would have liked at that age, but her birthday just gone has exposed the fact that she is not really into toys that much anymore Sad

Things she does like doing:

  • Crafts and drawing. She's creative and she doesn't have much above what a typical house with younger children would have (pens, pencils, paper, colour paper, etc) and our craft supply has run low so would love some recommendations in this area
  • Making dens and cosy spaces, though she already has a teepee. She has a mid sleeper bed and I want to make the space underneath for her a cosy den so any suggestions for that would be helpful
  • She likes food and making food
  • She's interested in drinks so am trying to find ideas along the lines of a more grown up tea set or something? Was looking at bubble tea sets but worried the caffeine would not be appropriate
  • Games but she has a tablet and we already own several gaming devices including a Switch and Playstation. Perhaps gaming related gifts though?
  • She likes the idea of being pampered but does not actually enjoy the sensation of face masks. Would a little hamper with some sparkly bath bombs etc from Lush be too grown up? She is my oldest so it's hard to judge whether that would be considered great or boring!
  • She's interested in writing but is only just started year 2 so is not a confident writer. Perhaps some kind of story designing kit if there is such a thing? She already has story dice and loves these.
OP posts:
evilharpy · 16/09/2022 15:37

Mine is nearly 8 but has never ever been a fan of toys. Stuff she loves or would be delighted to receive:

Anything to do with hot chocolate (marshmallows etc)
Anything to do with slushies
Anything leopard print or neon
Anything from Smiggle
Lush bath bombs
Sweets or any junk food
Gel pens (preferably glittery/neon/scented)
Art stuff of any description
Switch game
Scented candles
I think she would like a beanbag
She wants a laptop mainly for looking up hama bead patterns on pinterest!
A set of embroidery thread for making friendship bracelets
Loom bands
Clothes, especially dresses
Small (but proper, not toy, John Lewis brand) sewing machine and a load of fat quarters and thread
Beano subscription

Stag82 · 16/09/2022 15:45

My DD was like this as that age. Things she seems to love;

  • bath bombs
  • body sprays
  • nice pads / notebooks and pens
  • craft sets / jewellery making etc
  • baking sets (my brother got her an monthly subscription for baking and she loved it)
LetsPlayBamboozled · 16/09/2022 16:20

My dd enjoyed a book last Christmas 'how to make dolls clothes' paired with all the things/materials/pins/threads needed

This year I am looking at Moose Toys chocolate bar maker and Fab lab screen printing set

LetsPlayBamboozled · 16/09/2022 16:21

Oh and Wreck this Journal looks good for creative types too x

LetsPlayBamboozled · 16/09/2022 16:21

Sorry it's called 'I can make dolls clothes'

Ancfib · 17/09/2022 08:28

Blow pens? 😊

StrictlyAFemaleFemale · 17/09/2022 08:31

Subscription to toucan boxes? That's 2 crafts every month.

Mrsfussypants1 · 17/09/2022 08:36 FAO Swartz fashion designer plates £26 m&s. A bit like the 80s fashion wheel this comes in a lovely wooden box with fashion plates and holder and other pieces for hours of fun.

Crackery · 17/09/2022 08:41

Haven't read whole thread but so similar to my 8yo daughter. One big hit was a snow cone maker- it has been the gift that has kept on giving. A hamper of craft stuff from hobbycraft another hit. Plus fluffy blankets and big clips ( beach towel clips) for making Dens.

PumpkinsMum18 · 17/09/2022 08:45
neverbeenskiing · 17/09/2022 12:07

A lava lamp for her bedroom was a big hit with my 8yo DD last year.

PurplePositivity · 17/09/2022 14:29

Cinema vouchers and a popcorn machine went down really well when my nieces and nephews were that age.

Givemeallthegin8 · 17/09/2022 14:59

Haven’t read reply’s but my 9 year old dd sounds like yours !

she’s asking for an arts & crafts hamper this year - she gets arts & crafts stuff every year and even buys with her own money so will be tough to come up with things we haven’t got already!
— going to get her a crepe maker with ingredients included - maybe in a hamper style basket
I know she would love a popcorn or slushie maker but would be afraid she would fill up on slushees for the foreseeable 🤣
— She’s also asked for a squishville plush
— I’ve seen some chemistry sets - really good looking ones - in smyths catalogue - so am going to encourage her to get one!

When she was 7, she loved the top model range - books and colouring pencils . These kept her busy for hours on end. Designing outfits etc
Also activity books like sudoku and mazes and join the dots for older children went down well. Handy for stocking fillers !

Givemeallthegin8 · 17/09/2022 15:01

Forgot to mention , she loves things for her room - fluffy pillows , fluffy blankets etc
We got her an oodie last year and she still wears it every morning and evening. Would definitely recommend if you don’t already have one .

Also , I just remembered she has asked for a foot spa . We got the orbie one years ago but didn’t find it great . Might get a proper one ( just because I want one myself 🤣)

PokemonPasta · 20/09/2022 19:39

Hobby craft has lots of nice arts and craft kits. My seven year of loves aqarellum.

Woulditbeworth · 20/09/2022 19:44

A light up tracing pad? My daughter loved this at the same age.

Artworx Light Up Tracing Pad Set - Kids Drawing Board with 12 Colour Pencils & Accessories - Arts and Craft Toys for Girls

ADecadeAndAHalf · 20/09/2022 19:47

Usborne do quite a nice how to write a story activity book.
Science kits
Mine love this book Storyteller's dictionary. There are UK and US versions so order the correct one!

PretzelLady · 20/09/2022 20:58

My dd will be 8 by Christmas and I'm thinking of getting her a nice craft supplies box and filling it with things.

She's asked for a games console, but we've decided against it for now. She's also the eldest and we aren't a gaming couple or anything, so maybe not yet...

Mine also loves bath bombs.

I might get her some stuff like cinema tickets as well. She loves movies.

Dreamwhisper · 21/09/2022 14:47

More lovely ideas thank you Halo

I have 3 separate ideas for hampers - a lush one, movie night one, and a milkshake one!

I reckon I can make them different enough and she will love them. Can definitely do stuff like a Starbucks gift card and will see if Cineworld does a gift card too!

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thepatronsaintofbubblewrap · 25/12/2022 15:05

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This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

thepatronsaintofbubblewrap · 25/12/2022 15:07

Oh, god! I've posted on the wrong thread again! Sorry

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