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Pestle and mortar for 11 year old

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choc27 · 24/10/2021 19:48

Could anyone recommend a pestle and mortar for an 11 year? Or maybe one that comes in a kit with spices to grind and recipes? I'm not even sure if something like that exists for kids!

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Ironmanrocks · 24/10/2021 19:54

Just get a proper one? If it is to grind properly it needs to be rough on the inside which is why marble ones are popular. To maxx is your friend....

Ironmanrocks · 24/10/2021 19:54

TKMAXX sorry!

choc27 · 24/10/2021 20:57

Thanks the tips! I know nothing about them.

OP posts:
Lockdownbear · 25/10/2021 01:23

I'd look for an adult set. I doubt you'd get a kids one that actually works.

Tkmaxx, or John Lewis or any department shop with a good kitchen bit.

ducksalive · 25/10/2021 02:59

At 11 they should be fine with a normal one, but would go for a wooden one rather then stone.

Amazon also have plenty of them.

ForestDad · 25/10/2021 03:18

James Martin spice grinder (electric).

Winner for grinding whole spices. Good work to the 11 yr old for wanting one.

MilkywayMonarch22 · 25/10/2021 03:32

I got a gorgeous one from tk maxx years ago. Never bloody used it though 😂

Brody77 · 25/10/2021 07:00

Yes my dd8 loves grinding things(often things she has picked outside for potions as well as spice) up in my marble type one, just get a proper one!

flashbac · 25/10/2021 07:01

There's a good one in IKEA for a tenner.

megletthesecond · 25/10/2021 07:07

DD has one from Tiger. It's been fine in the dishwasher.

choc27 · 25/10/2021 21:10

Thanks all! I'll go for an adult one. Any tips on what to get him to grind in it? He is not afraid of spicy things.

OP posts:
LtGreggs · 25/10/2021 21:13

Peppercorns & salt crystals, if you want everyday use from it.

choc27 · 26/10/2021 12:55

Thank you, I'll start with that.

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