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Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

75 replies

bingsulaflop · 22/10/2021 13:28


For anyone that has a hotel Chocolat velvetiser, are they worth the money? Smile

If so, anyone with a good discount code on them? Grin

OP posts:
Firesidefox · 22/10/2021 13:31

It's got such a good name. But I don't like Hotel Chocolat chocolate so I won't be getting one.

HouseOfFire · 22/10/2021 13:40


It's got such a good name. But I don't like Hotel Chocolat chocolate so I won't be getting one.

you don't have to use their own products?
JumperandJacket · 22/10/2021 13:55

We have one. It does make nice hot chocolate and it’s fun to use, although it’s expensive for what it is. We use it with hotel chocolat chocolate and other sorts, including ordinary cocoa.

HenrysBeautifulEyesAndSmile · 22/10/2021 14:13

Yes, I makes gorgeous hot chocolate. The sachets you buy at HC are expensive but the hot chocolate is worth it. The kids make their own and for their friends, it's a great product, I recommend.

NavigatingAdolescence · 22/10/2021 14:14

Can also be used to froth milk for cappuccino etc.

BeetleyCarapace · 22/10/2021 14:16

I was keen but it just looked the same as my Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother so I didn't bother in the end.

I've got one of those manual shaker things for hot chocolate, works just as well and it was only £20.

I think it's more about the quality of the chocolate than the mechanics of the device, if that makes sense.

JadeTC · 22/10/2021 14:16

£20 off with code XMAS814 😊

NavigatingAdolescence · 22/10/2021 14:17

If you’re a Nestle boycotter (and everyone should be) it’s a great alternative to nespresso anything.

TeenMinusTests · 22/10/2021 14:17

I love mine. Best Christmas present I got last year, have used it nearly daily since.

saltontoast · 22/10/2021 14:19

I really like it. DH got me one for Christmas last year, I've only recently started using it. I do think it's overpriced considering how much the chocolate can be

Noodledoodledoo · 22/10/2021 14:19

I bought one for husband last Christmas - I also have a milk frother, both are fab. You can't put powder in my frother so it does a different job.

The hot chocolate is delicious.

AmDillDandin · 22/10/2021 14:21

Ours gets used every day, but I don't get the HC chocolate- I just grate up bog standard chocolate bars and keep that in a jar. Four teaspoons of that and job's a good un

forfucksakenett · 22/10/2021 14:22

Worth every penny!

Mrsfussypants1 · 22/10/2021 15:09

We got ours when it first came out, It's been in constant use ever since and still as good as new and it's 2 or 3yrs old now. I've just bought another for a christmas gift along with a monthly subscription for more hot chocolate. Got the velvitser for £50 if you join the subscription. Mil/ Fil requested one, they bought the aldi version last year, only lasted 3mnths.

SoupDragon · 22/10/2021 15:12

I think it's overpriced.

Some of the cheaper alternatives look better TBH.

Floralnomad · 22/10/2021 15:13

We’ve also had ours for a couple of years and use it loads for chocolate and coffee , we don’t use the hotel chocolat sachets though as having tried a variety the only one that we liked was the salted caramel .

TrueGrit54 · 22/10/2021 15:20

Ours is 3 years old I think, good as new still, only makes one mug but my teenage daughter loves it.

FireworkParrot · 22/10/2021 21:05

I wouldn't be without mine. It's used every day to froth milk for coffee but also does great hot chocolate either with the proper sachets (the hazelnut one is lovely) or with powder. I use chai powder in it occasionally too to make chai lattes and they're amazing.

Mummyslittlegiraffe · 22/10/2021 21:29

I like hot chocolate properly hot. Does it do that?

Figgygal · 22/10/2021 21:30

I’m tempted but if anyone has suggestions for others would be grateful

Fetarabbit · 22/10/2021 21:32

If you're not too fussed on what it looks like, it's made by dualit and they have some cheaper models (but don't look as good aesthetically). We used to have one but didn't use it much so passed it on, it was okay, only makes one drink at a time and didn't find it came out particularly hot.

YouHaveNoAuthorityHereJackie · 22/10/2021 21:32

@Mummyslittlegiraffe that’s my only quibble with ours, IMO it just doesn’t get it hot enough. I like any hot drink slightly too hot at first, whereas this is at drinking temperature straight away. Puts me off using it tbh as by the time I’m halfway through a cup it’s too cold for me.

Georgieporgie29 · 22/10/2021 21:40

We’ve just got one and, like you, I wondered if it was worth the money. We’ve had it about a month now and in my opinion it absolutely is!

Mummyslittlegiraffe · 22/10/2021 21:44

@YouHaveNoAuthorityHereJackie Thank you. I’ve been contemplating one for a while, but that would put me off too!

FireworkParrot · 22/10/2021 21:46

I find the temperature hot enough if you drink straight away and I do like my drinks hot. I've heard some people heat the mug in the microwave or pour boiling water into it whilst the milk froths.

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