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Charity and Ethical Gift recommendations

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morningcuppatea · 04/11/2020 10:18

Inspired by the Independent shops thread, would anyone like to share recommendations for gifts we could buy that will give something back to charity or do some good for the planet?

I was recently looking for a present and came across 4Ocean bracelets, which are made out of recycled plastic from the sea and when you buy one some of the funds are used to clear more plastic. I ordered from

I have also recently seen that Great Ormond Street Hospital have a lovely range of gifts

I'd love to hear anymore ideas, it would be great to be able to give a little something back this year while doing our Christmas shopping.

OP posts:
Tollergirl · 04/11/2020 13:28

I was given an adoption of a gorilla for my birthday a few months back from the Gorilla Organization. On my certificate it says he is one only 1,000 mountain gorillas left in the wild which is quite sobering. You can follow him on Instagram which is lovely!! They are really struggling to pay for security for the gorillas at the moment as much of their income came from western tourists visiting them in their natural habitat. Probably not so appealing for people who love a gift to unwrap (although you also get a Gorilla Organization T Shirt), but if you're old (like me) and have enough "stuff" it's lovely to know that you are helping to save these amazing animals from extinction (hopefully!!).

TwoBlueFish · 04/11/2020 13:57

I bought some of these last coconut bowls from Etsy last year. It wasn’t this company but a very similar ethos. My Bother and SIL loved them.

thelegohooverer · 05/11/2020 10:59

I’ve mentioned these before on these threads:

the ethical silk company use a process that harvests the cocoons after the moths have abandoned them so they are not hurt in the process, donate 10% of profits to two charities, and use fair trade production. I have given their pillowcases as gifts.

The second is a penguin adoption. The website really doesn’t inspire confidence and it lacks the gloss of other adoption sites. There’s no fluffy toy or magazine. Everything is by email. We opted for the young child emails and we get a lovely chatty email from our penguin every few months. It’s been entertaining and educational and in three years we haven’t had the same email twice. The guy who runs it, Mike Bingham, is deeply passionate about conservation. It would be a brilliant gift for a classroom too. The only downside is that my ds is determined that we are going to visit Chile someday to see our penguin! On that note, a ticket for the Ventus Australis cruise would also be an ethical gift option if you wanted to buy me a little something

BlueChampagne · 05/11/2020 11:22

Wild flower seeds from

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