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Balance bike or micro scooter for (just) 2 year old

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Justonecheese · 14/11/2011 11:10

DD will be 2 this month - which would be most suitable for her Christmas present - a balance bike or a micro scooter? I know that both are maybe a little premature for her age but hoping she will really get into either the bike or the scooter in the coming months. Thanks :)

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MetalSian · 15/11/2011 14:20


vnmum · 15/11/2011 14:34

If you can get a "PUKY" reasonably priced then i would definately go with one of those as they do go small enough for that age. Both my DC used Puky's from 2 and the most recent one (DD) was riding her bike without stabilisers at 3.6. ( she never actually used it with stabilisers). Before that she would whizz around gliding on the balance bike so the long term benefits are good. Both my DC like playing on their scooters too so i suppose it depends on which you think will be of more use to your DD

Staverton · 15/11/2011 14:41

Dd has been using her brothers scooter from 18 months and at almost 2 is terrifyingly fast on it, can go round corners etc. Control however is a long way off , she's a speed demon so I won't take her on pavements in it, only in the park. However think it's not worth getting that seat thing

Ds had a balance bike at 2 and 1/4. It was a wooden one from jojomaman and we made another hole to lower the seat as low as poss and it took him a couple of months to master. At 3 and a half he was riding a normal bike without stabilisers and now at just 4 he can even stand up cycling. So balance bikes are fab! However to last 3 children I would prob get a metal one- we've already had to glue bits of the wooden one.

Treats · 15/11/2011 17:27

Hi justonecheese - it was a Miele one. It's also available in a gourmet version with an extra workstation, but that's about £40 more. I liked it because it wasn't too girly.

Justonecheese · 17/11/2011 22:38

Thanks treats

Thanks also to other posters since I last posted :)

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