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How to strengthen and thicken hair, any advice gratefully received!!!

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Lowfat · 22/09/2008 21:09

DD(5) has recently started twirling her hair and it has now started to break and fall out in large clumps.

DH took her to the doctors today who said it was nothing medical, but was as a result of th twirling.

There is new stubbly growth where the hair is coming back through and apart from a small sore where it has grown under the skin - all seems okay so far.

We are trying hard and working with DD's teachers and anyone else who knows her to break the habit if we see her doing it.

So tomorrow I am now planing to get her some vitimans to help strengthen her hair (she's not the best eater) and perhaps visit a local hairdresers to get a shampoo for strengthening.

DD's hair seems quite brittle - it never used to be. But it has always come away easily and with little or no pain to her. For instance I recall when she got a lollipop stcuk in her hair and just pulled it and her hair out.

So can anyone give me anymore suggestions or at least tell me if I am mving in the right direction??

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Lowfat · 22/09/2008 21:23

BUMP - I am desperate for some help ladies

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singyswife · 22/09/2008 21:28

I dont think you can thicken the hair. You can certainly strengthen it by using vitamins etc. I know that nuts are very good for hair and nails but I dont know if she is too young for nuts on top of yoghurt etc. With regards to the twirling thing. I personally would completely ignore it. My dd developed a twitch and when I commented on it it got worse. When we all completely ignored it she stopped doing it. The more attention you give it the more she will do it. Try tying her hair up tight (plaits etc) so that she cannot get at it, or if it is relatively short buy bandana type things so she cannot get at it and make a big thing of them so she is so proud of them she doesnt think about playing with her hair.

misi · 23/09/2008 00:04

I personally would not use vitamins on a child that age. silica is the best nutirent I can think of for hair strength

taken from a web site.....

Another important nutrient for hair health is silica. Studies in the former Soviet Union have shown that silica therapy slowed hair loss. Organic silica added to shampoo was found to help prevent baldness, stimulate healthier hair growth and assure beautiful shine, luster and strength. Some scientists claim that they have effectively stopped further hair loss by adding silica to their shampoo. This can be applied externally to regrow already lost hair.

Silica is found in the outer coverings of potatoes, green and red peppers and cucumbers. Bean sprouts are also high in silica. Eat whole foods including sprouts.


cucumber is high in silica, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, strawberries

Lowfat · 23/09/2008 10:31

Thanks Misi - as mentioned DD is a terrible eater and we have an ongoing battle with fruits and vegges. But she is getting better....

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