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Ideas for chapter books to read with my super-interested 5 year-old DS

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ejt1764 · 28/02/2008 14:42

DS loves his bedtime stories, and about 6 months ago, we started to introduce him to chapter books.

We've read our way through all the Roald Dahl books, and he has absolutely loved them, but now I'm a bit stuck on where to go next: I think he's too young for Harry Potter etc just yet, and all the books I see that would be the right level of story are very girly - there don't seem to be any boy-ish equivalents of the books you get for girls about princesses and ponies!

DS won't be reading them on his own - he's only 5, and besides is at Welsh-medium school, so won't learn to read in English officially until he's 7!

Help from those who've been there, please!

OP posts:
slayerette · 02/03/2008 19:05

I'm not sure why Horrid Henry is so disapproved of. DH and I find it very funny. The point is, of course, that while Horrid Henry can be, well, horrid, his parents are appalling at parenting and his brother Perfect Peter is, in fact, an insufferable little twerp who deserves most of what he gets from Henry. I think the author is being ironic to say the least!

oggsfrog · 02/03/2008 19:16

The Borrowers - Mary Norton.

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