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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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Children's books

Chapter Books to be read to 4 year old boy

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Elf · 08/01/2008 13:44

Sorry if this has been covered before.

I feel DS is on the cusp of moving on to having chapter books read to him at bedtime and am at a loss as to what to try. He's just turned four.

Mumsnet helped me with DD1 when I got to this stage and I feel well away with her but could do with some pointers for boys. Thank you all.

OP posts:
Elf · 10/01/2008 14:17

Well well well. How wonderful. Loads of great ideas, I shall go back over with a pen and paper and make notes. I've actually got Fantastic Mr Fox in my wardrobe as a possible present for someone, so I could start with that. Great.

THANK YOU EVERYONE. I'm really chuffed with the ideas.

OP posts:
serin · 10/01/2008 20:31

I wish with hindsight that I had bought a boxed set of Dahl books as we have bought them individually and paid well over the odds!

The Twits gets our vote!

chewing20times · 14/01/2008 09:49

I am one of three girls, so was new to boys books! DS is only 2 3/4 but we read him one short picture book and then a long story at bedtime. I have found one of those compendiums really useful because if we enjoyed one of the chapters I have gone and borrowed the whole book from the library. I also have to admit to reading Wind in the Willows because I remember my dad reading that to me when I was young. He also read us the Hobbit but I think I was 5-6 then.

louweasel · 14/01/2008 20:52

First chapter books I read to my 4 year old son were the Dilly the Dinosaur series by Tony Bradman. Dilly is an engaging 'boy' pre schooler dinosaur full of good intentions and an 'ultra special 150mile per hour superscream'. The Mr Majeika stories about a former wizard turned teacher have been popular too. And I second the Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf recommendation - all 3 of my boys have enjoyed tales of Polly outwitting the Wolf.

tiredandgrumpy · 14/01/2008 21:19

What a great thread! You inspired me to go out today and find some of these. I can report in that my newly turned 4 year old son loves Horrid Henry and I can say that it makes a blessed relief from the relentless stream of Mr Men books which we had degenerated to. Am looking forward to Jeremy james, too, which I remember from my childhood. Thank you everyone. I hope there's no looking back now!

robinpud · 14/01/2008 21:25

The Dirty Bertie books are great, as are the roald Dahl ones mentioned.
Before you rush headlong into the joys of chapter books, have you tackled challenging , longer picture books like
Colin Thompson's Paperbag Prince
Michael Morpugo's Dolphin Boy
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me.
The chapter books are great, but skills kids really need to develop include inference and deduction. Talking about a complicated book with a parent is a great way of beginning this.

estar · 14/01/2008 21:53

I've started with Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree books - I really want my boys to get into her other mystery stuff when they're a bit older, I loved them.

EachPeachPearMum · 15/01/2008 13:08

when i was little I loved my mum reading Moomins, Pippi, Little Women, Jane Eyre (I discovered later she heavily abridged it!!)

can't wait until we're at that stage!

EachPeachPearMum · 15/01/2008 13:12

Just william too, though it mught give him ideas!

Lio · 15/01/2008 13:15

Am in same position with 4yo ds, great to have all of these suggestions.

anneme · 15/01/2008 21:54

This has come at a really good time for us. DH and I have just been having a discussion about DS1 (aged 4) being v bad at settling and wanting story after story. Like others I had not thought of chapter books yet but I will def do so - good excuse to reread all my childrens books which are on the landing...I LOVED Flat Stanley! Also suggest the Mary Plain books about a bear who lives with a man (better than it sounds and v funny for adults too - she is like a naughty child!) I will pop back to see more suggestions

anneme · 15/01/2008 22:14

Mary Plain books by Gwynnedd Rae. Also Norman Hunter's Professor Branestawm books are funny. Also Blyton's Mr Muddle books

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