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Any book recommendations for a dinosaur obsessed 5 year old?

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Lew12Mum · 12/03/2014 15:57

I think we may own everything dinosaur related, but I'm on the hunt for decent dinosaur books for my 5 year old. He doesn't want anything 'babyish', but still wants pictures. He gets bored by the encyclopaedia/text book type of thing, but I think it'd be good for the books to be vaguely educational and fact based rather than fiction, whilst he's still soaking information up like a sponge.
Does such a thing exist or am I asking too much?
Any recommendations?

OP posts:
sanityawol · 23/03/2014 22:21

This is an amazing dinosaur pop-up book, but not if he's as heavy handed as my DS.

MrsCosmopilite · 23/03/2014 22:28

Not quite in the same vein but "Dinosaurs and all that rubbish" has a good message in it. No specific types of dinosaurs are identified. I can see that for some people it might be a bit eco-heavy, but my DD (3) loves it.

sanityawol · 23/03/2014 22:31

MrsCosmopolite I forgot that one - we have it too. It was one of DH's favourites when he was small, so he tracked it down for DS.

We've also got a Mr Ben book with four or five stories in it. One of them is 'Caveman' which has dinosaurs in it.

hardbeingme · 23/03/2014 22:35

I just bought these ones for my four year olds (and then me and dp had a read after they went to bed)
Dinosaurs facts and figures in terms they can recognise i.e. diplodocus is so many buses long and t-rex could eat so much meat in one bite that's the same as x amount of burgers

There's A Stegosaurus on The Stairs
There's A T.Rex In Town
There's A Triceratops In The Tree House
There's A Diplodocus At The Door

the set was £5 from the book people and the boys were quite impressed (but would now like books about all the other dinosaurs thank you mother!)

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