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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Suitable books for 5 year old boy?

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fantus · 25/08/2011 08:03


just wondering if anyone can recommend any good books for DS. We read everynight at bedtime and he seems to have suddenly outgrown all his old favourites!

He has a book case full of books but is now saying they are too young for him and I am not sure what to go for next. I had a look in an independent book shop yesterday and the range seemed to go from very young picture books to Harry Potter type books with nothing in between. He has in the past been a fan of Julia Donaldson, Catherine Rayner books and he loves action, adventure, pirates etc.

Or do you think he would enjoy chapter books now and if so which ones to start with?

Thanks for any input!

OP posts:
OllieinOrange · 14/09/2011 10:17

Gwenfair They are also on offer at The Book People too! Will buy and store!

LavenderRacingKingfisher · 14/09/2011 10:23

DS is a bit of a softy and can't take any books with suspense or nasty characters (that rules out just about all literature then). He loves the Humphry books about the classroom hamster, where every chapter ends happily. We've now read these 3 times through. Yep, that's all 5 books 3 times. We're currently on Harry the Poisonous Centipede, which has a bit more suspense (he is now 7, after all), but still end happily.

Jux · 14/09/2011 14:40

Any of the Hiccup Horrendous Haddock books. They're really fun: here

Also, just found this but we haven't read it so not sure of age range. Terry Deary is good though, and your ds would probably enjoy some of the Horrible Histories too.

Tonksthecat · 14/09/2011 18:42

Church mouse!!!! Such fun for the parent too. Giggler Treatment is surreally hilarious, esp audio version by Tomy Tiernin(sp?)
So many refreshing suggestions.

Magic Tree House series are good too - short and snappy chapter books with pics (tho the Americanisms a bit irritating) Jack and Annie go to a diff time in History each book so nice educationally. First two are Dinosaurs and Knights.

Why are most libraries so low on Dinosaur Coves? Munstersmum u so lucky! Off to Bookpeople website...

Twoflakes so agree re Winie the Pooh beign started too young then dismised. Prob cos tv version aimed younger.

3rdnparty · 14/09/2011 19:56

DS 6 likes the newer/younger Astrosaurs Academy - definately from the library I had to ask as they were so popular.....1st chapter book was Charlottes web which he loved but was a bit more bloodthirsty than I remembered...didn't like teh magic faraway tree or wishing chair but we have been doing secret seven which he loves... also Tintin he finds hilariuos - also second The Gaskitt family - anything funny really thanks for the ideas mentioned already as he is also one that gets scared easily....

Audio greek myths too and a planatarium thing we found - will try Arthurian next bit for some reason he is very antu robin hood and not too keen on pirates!

3rdnparty · 14/09/2011 19:58

anti Robin hood sorry

themiki · 16/09/2011 06:01

My boys loved Children make terrible pets which was a new york times childrens book of the year. And all of the Dr. Seuss books are great (and come in different reading levels). The all rhyme and so children love the sound of them and it`s easy to remember. They have an ABC themed one too!

susylou · 16/09/2011 21:11

my son (dyslexic, easily bored) adored captain underpants, mentioned above - part comic strip, sophisticated vocab and syntax; liked the jeremy strongs, hated - but yours might like - the green knowe series (lucy boston) adored the laura ingalls wilder series - nothing like the tv series, all v well described and riveting pioneering, loved the little wooden horse and gobbelino the witches cat. also enjoyed fact books about cows, dinosaurs, horses. My nephews loved just william - recommend the audios for a long car journey. (the horrid henry audios are read brilliantly). the just so stories are good at this age, and then puck of pook's hill - kipling out of fashion but a good story teller, the jungle book. and he loved myths and legends. greek, norse, native american, and the brer rabbits. basically, things with humour or adventure.

the school library association has good reading lists., age apropriate and divided by genre, often with reviews

rebeccamg · 20/09/2011 09:45

Mixed Up Fairy Tales by Hilary Robinson is one of my favourite books. I have taken it into all the year groups that I have taught in (Y1 - Y4) and there have always been lots of giggling! The idea is that you create your own fairy tale by moving the strips - endless stories. The children seem to love the one that ends in one of them marrying a troll!

crazygracieuk · 20/09/2011 14:49

Hopefully not x-post but my 5 year old is mad about the Traction Man series.

crazygracieuk · 20/09/2011 14:49

..and Mr Men books

crazygracieuk · 20/09/2011 14:53

Last post- promise!! He also likes Usborne 1001 things to spot and the adventure books like Puzzle Dungeon which involves puzzles like a maze to get to the next bit of the story.
He also loves information books. Usborne Living in Space and Pirates have been memorised by him.

beautifulbooks · 26/09/2011 19:37

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

HermioneTB · 26/09/2011 22:26

Here's an inbetweeny, Leaf Olympics by Matt Northmore. funny, exciting, not too young or too old perhaps. Have a look.
Good luck.

fantus · 06/10/2011 14:16

wow - thanks everyone. Only just got round to checking back in on here. Loads of really good suggestions for us to check out.

I have just had a look at the book people site. The still have the Dinosaur Cove set on for £9.99 and also have the Beast Quest Collection (18 books) on for £16.

So far at the libray we have managed to get a Dinosaur Cove book and a few astrosaur books as well as Zac Power which he really enjoyed. I'll be going back soon to check out lots more of your suggestions. Thanks again!

OP posts:
gilmoregirl · 06/10/2011 14:32

another v strong recommendation for the Mr Gumm books - DS (6) has never laughed so much in his life. They are fab. You can get the whole set on book people v cheaply at the mo.

We also love the worst witch, and roald dahl.

I am just about to start to read some Judy Blume ones - superfudge etc.

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