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would you employ a first-time nanny?

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hatstand · 13/06/2005 17:11

I need mn help. I have just interviewed a potential new nanny. She has never worked as a nanny before, but has done 3 years as an au-pair. She didn't always get or answer my questions - especially when it came to activities - but then, at other stages, other things slipped out, that just made me think wow. well, in fact the first thing was that when she arrived I had something on the hob, so left her with the kids in the sitting room, to go and sort it out (this was not premeditated, but have decided I will deliberately do it in future ). I was stunned - within about 30 seconds the girls were laughing - with a COMPLETE stranger. Couldn't believe it. an eg of teh not getting it was when I asked her about what she liked to cook, and she said how she likes to do jelly cake for their birthdays and how she loves baking with the kids and they always want to help her. Jelly cake is - I discovered - a layer of meringue, cream, strawberries and covered with jelly - just think back to being 5 - how much would you adore someone who let you help her make jelly cake for your birthday. so my gut instinct and my heart says she's fab. She's also unperturbed by the idea of the difficult hours I want her to do. and happy to do cleaning, ironing (I would add extra hours for this, not expect her to have the kids and do this at same time) But no formal training, no first aid, not that "crafty" but very outdoorsy, (both would be best) hadn't seen a sticker chart - though was quite taken with the idea when I showed it her and I think would use one. She's also from the Czech Republic, which means I can't really piece togoether everything about her history etc. Comes from a family of 6 and was changing nappies aged 10! what would you do? anyone got experience of employing someone from abroad who's never been a nanny before? didn't it make you nervous? (and I will be gutted if anyone manages to turn my apprehension to racism, please please don't)

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jura · 14/06/2005 22:43

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