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Would you employ an overweight nanny?

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AnnaInManchester · 09/05/2005 16:19

Just wondering if you mums and dads would emply an overweight nanny. I just remember a mother once saying that most fat nannies are lazy and have no energy and sit on their lazy backsides all day infront of the tv eating the house out, getting the kids fat in the process!!! Discuss....

OP posts:
AnnaInManchester · 09/05/2005 16:50

I am overweight, and was once told by a mother that she thought maybe I wouldnt have as much energy as the other interviewees that weren't overweight. Also, I heard another mother say it recently so was just getting a little paranoid incase I go to any interviews and parents judge me by my size. I know all u parents arent like tis, but was just seeing what the majority of u thought. Thanks forall your answers anyway!

OP posts:
Sponge · 09/05/2005 16:52

You're right of course Uwila. I just don't really have much unhealthy food in the house so there isn't the option.

I think you might be onto something RTKM. Has AIM failed to get a job on this basis?

Sponge · 09/05/2005 16:54

Sorry posts crossed.
Well you can see Anna that most of us don't judge on this basis. Just look energetic and be full of beans when you go for your interviews to dispel the idea straight away.

AnnaInManchester · 09/05/2005 16:55

Thats great then Sponge, thanx

OP posts:
littlemissbossy · 09/05/2005 16:55

Anna is a nanny (she has said so on another thread).
FWIW, unfortunately there are a lot of shallow people out there Anna. Choosing a nanny is a major decision for anyone, but most "normal" people would employ someone for their experience and personality and on the basis that they could trust that someone to look after their most precious possession, their children.

gggglimpopo · 09/05/2005 16:57

Best nanny in the world looked after my kids. She was not a size 8....

Louise1980 · 09/05/2005 16:59

Getting off the subject of nannies I used to have 2 friends. To look at us you could call us small medium and large, I wont say which was which but believe you me large could be far more energetic than small.

Also I might add my sis is a nursery nurse and Id say 90% of her colleagues are overweight, not to mention maybe obese. Yet all of them I'd class as excellent candidates for a nanny. Better than my friend small any day!

AnnaInManchester · 09/05/2005 17:07

Maybe larger nannies have more 'cuddle factor' too! I used to work in a nursery with a very large lady who weighed around 30 stone and the children went to her for their cuddles!

OP posts:
Sponge · 09/05/2005 17:09

Definitely, especially little babies seem to love a big pair of boobs to burrow into.

RTKangaMummy · 09/05/2005 17:10

I am very very cuddly

Not at all boney and knobbly

MoreNoiseOnChildcarethreads · 09/05/2005 17:17

Obviously I would employ an overweight nanny, as long as she wasn't from Chezch Republic, Austria, Poland - or England, and didn't want paying too much

Gwenick · 09/05/2005 17:19

hell no - a fat nanny might actually do more, and have more energy than I do and I'm only marginally overweight!!!!!

AnnaInManchester · 09/05/2005 17:19

I put on a stone in less than 2 months just recently. Will have to cut down on all those tasty treats! But its definately true about babies loving big breasts to cuddle into Sponge!

OP posts:
uwila · 09/05/2005 17:41

Oh yuk, I don't know if I like the idea of my baby cuddling in someone elses boobs. I thinkI'll seek a flat chested fat nanny. Or maybe a fat male nanny.

I'm just kidding of course.

AnnaInManchester · 09/05/2005 18:50

ha ha ha ha!

OP posts:
ssd · 10/05/2005 07:44

Sorry Anna, I gave you a very curt answer earlier on on this thread, I didn't realise you had been unfavourably treated because of gaining some weight. This is ridiculous and totally unfair. Anyway you don't want to work for such unreasonable employers, they'd be a pain in the neck!

I hope you find a position you enjoy soon!

ssd xxx

NannyL · 11/05/2005 09:39

im a nanny and not over weight. i eat well as do my charges and i eat with them luncg and dinner every day.

Most nannies i know (but not all) are really rather large...
in fact i know more larger nannies than those who are not over weight.

BTW all the larger nannies that i know are excellent and i would be only yo happy to leave MY kids with them! (if i had kids that is!)

Pol25 · 15/05/2005 19:32

I was a nanny and now a mummy to my 9mth D. I am overweight and not due to the fact that I haven't lost my pregnancy fat either.
I was not a lazy nanny- I did more than most parents I worked for put together and as someone quite rightly said- being overweight does not affect they way I care for children or the food choices I give them. I do eat healthily- just too much! lol

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