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What is the going rate for childminders?

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SpringCrimboTurkey · 05/12/2004 17:37

I'm returning to work in January and my SIL is looking after DD for 5 mornings a week - from 9am til 1pm.

What is acceptable to pay?

I don't want to cheat her out of anything but equally cannot afford to pay what a childminder would charge.
She doesn't work so would be grateful for anything but i want to be as fair as possible.


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artyjoe · 06/12/2004 15:41


I am based in Egham but am not currently minding as I am expecting my first in a few weeks. Both myself and my DP are in the process of registering and will be going full time in if you ever get let down again, please get in touch, but sorry I can't help for Christmas.

peskykids · 07/12/2004 13:01

Bless you pockettasha for your perseverance with thet URL. Smile

PocketTasha · 07/12/2004 13:14

Thanks peskykids Blush If at first you don't succeed... lol

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