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*********** [smile] [grin] Staff Room Thursday [grin] [smile] ************

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mumlove · 25/10/2007 08:20

Morning all
Hats have appeared over night!
Have to answer the door.

OP posts:
MissInvisible · 25/10/2007 08:21

? hats? am i missing something?

mumlove · 25/10/2007 08:28

Hats have appeared on the smileys and i have now learnt that they don't work in the title line.

OP posts:
MissInvisible · 25/10/2007 08:30

i cant see them?

SpooKAYsamuels · 25/10/2007 08:54


I'm not cm'ing today but thought I would check in! Have a good day all!

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 25/10/2007 09:00

Testing my emoticons on Facebook (which came from here) now have witches hats on!!

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 25/10/2007 09:00

Nope, not working

SpooKAYsamuels · 25/10/2007 09:09

press F5 to see spooky smileys

mumlove · 25/10/2007 09:18

I will have to now think on what we are going to do today, baby mindee just gone down for a nap as been awake in the night and it's cold and grey out, I have no ideas as want the sun out.

OP posts:
MissInvisible · 25/10/2007 09:18

ooh just did that what does f5 do then??

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 25/10/2007 09:53


Saz73 · 25/10/2007 09:53

Need some advise gals, the local university owes me £600 in childcare fees are a mindee I look after. They are late in paying, should have received the money at the beginning of the Sept and Oct. It's been in the post for the last week still nothing has arrived. What do I do??? WOuld it be fair to tell parent can't have mindee until paid, i feel bad doing this as the uni pays me and not her, but contract is with her.

I'm going away tomorrow for a long weekend and needed the money!!

mumlove · 25/10/2007 10:09

Saz73 - Have you phoned the uni? If you have keep doing it until you recieve payment.

OP posts:
Saz73 · 25/10/2007 10:12

There know me on first name terms now, phone them twice a day. I'm at my wits end, overdrawn at the bank, and they've now withdrawn overdraft and cancelled direct debits due to this money not being there.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 25/10/2007 10:13

Have you actually raised your voice and said that you will refuse care??? Maybe ask them to reproduce payment and you will collect and they can cancel the original payment?!!

So for you

Saz73 · 25/10/2007 10:27

Raised my voice, threatened and even cried on the phone as i'm in so much trouble now without this money, but they keep reminding me contract is not with them!!! I don't particular want to withdraw servicses as she's a single parent of 3 and doing something for herself for a change.

MaureenMLove · 25/10/2007 10:46

So the contract is with mum, but uni pays you? Who authorizes the payment mum or uni? Who's responsibility is it to make sure you get paid on time? Mum or uni? I'm not getting it!

MaureenMLove · 25/10/2007 10:47

Oh, morning all, btw!

Saz73 · 25/10/2007 10:51

MML, the contract is with parent, b ut i send invoices to the uni for payment (i've sent invoices upto end of the year). Uni authorises them and pays me. Contract is payment up front, both parent nad i have told them this and they've dsaid ok. but no bloody money.

MaureenMLove · 25/10/2007 10:55

Well in that case, its got nothing to do with the contract being with the parent, you send an invoice to the uni and therefore they should pay it. Did you send anything in writing stating that it was payment up front and has the deal worked ok up until now?

Saz73 · 25/10/2007 11:02

Yeah sent invoices beginning of sept when mindee started. Invoices states payment due beginning of each month in advance as per contract. Been told since mid of september that payment is on it's way, or invoices lost but suddenly reappear.

Megsdaughter · 25/10/2007 11:36

Can you get the NCMA legal Team involved, maybe they could ring them.

By the way have you noticed I was very god and didnt come in here this morning...........I cleaned and sorted out my art and craft cupboards. God stuff in there I didnt know .............I wont have to buy anything for Christmas Crafts found loads!!!!

MaureenMLove · 25/10/2007 11:38

Right, then if the invoices are addressed to the Uni personally, its jack shit to do with your cm contract! I would seriously contact CAB, just so that you can get your rights absolutely right and listen to all the jargon they give you etc. Then phone the uni armed with all the right info. I would suggest, not putting the phone down today, until you have cast iron guarantees of a payment. Oh I think I would also be tempted to charge them your bank charges, since it was them that put you overdrawn. Ask the CAB what they think.

mumlove · 25/10/2007 14:52

Anyone for afternoon coffee, I've even got chocolate cake to share so help yourselves.

OP posts:
FeelingOld · 25/10/2007 15:04

Can i have coffee and choc cake as i am feeling sad , i have taken this week off to spend some time with my kids and dh has taken today and tomorrow off so we can go out but I have been to doctors this morning as feeling unwell and i have mumps!!!!! Just had to let all of my parents know that I can't have mindees next week as I will still be infectious.
Dh mad cos taken 2 days off for nothing, kids upset cos supposed to be going out today and I look like a hamster with its cheeks full of food!
I think I deserve some cake

mumlove · 25/10/2007 15:22

Feeling - help yourself to as much as you want. Can't DH take this time to spend doing things with the children and you can rest.

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