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CM's Advice Needed Please, Regular poster but anon for a reason.

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Itssocold · 21/01/2007 15:40


I do post on here but to keep confidential i am using a different name.
I would really appreciate any comments from parents and Cm's and understand there may be a difference of opinion but here goes.

One child i have for part of the week cries almost all day from drop off to pick up.
Child 'A' is a baby and is so lovely when happy which tends to be when you are carrying 'A' around, which in the life of a childminder isn't possible for a whole day.
Child 'A' hasn't been coming for very long although in the time, it has become obvious 'A' is used to just 1 on 1 attention and not left to play, or not been around other children, as any time another child comes near we have a rage of jealousy and screaming.
Dinnertimes are a nightmare as 'A' cries and often refuses to eat and this upsets the other children in my care.
I have my own children who are now starting to get very upset and agitated by the continious crying.
If we are all playing together and i go to stand up 'A' will scream, if i take the children to wash hands which is in eye view, 'A' screams.
I feel very sad as it is affecting my family for example my young child turns into a 'baby' when 'A' is crying too....aswell as upsetting other charges, not to mention a poor baby who is obviously just unsettled maybe due to the fact the attention isn't all on them, which isn't the babies fault.
It is a real tricky situation as i don't know what is best for all concerned.
I have spoken to many people in the CM and parent circle and they have advised maybe the best thing is to give notice as its not fair on anyone with a baby this sad.
I do have families on a list wanting the space so from my point it'd be fine but at the moment my main concern is happiness all round.
I would love any opinions and if anyone had dealt with this id love to hear back


OP posts:
mogs0 · 21/01/2007 23:39

I had one too!! Everything you have described is just how one of mine was. Unfortunately, mine cried for 6 months!! He was always so happy to see me in the morning and happy when Mum left him but would scream if he was put on the floor on his own. He had a really poor sleep routine and would only sleep if being pushed in the buggy.

I have looked after children for 10 years and this one was by far the most stressfull. I frequently practised my resignation speech! I was going to suggest to his Mum that she try a nursery so he could be with lots of people all the time.

Overnight, he stopped crying!! He learned to crawl and could easily follow me around my home. He is a joy to be around now!! He is such a happy child and really good fun to be around. Also, parents and I sleep trained him and he went from screaming at the sight of a cot and never sleeping in it just having a 30 min nap in buggy, to now sleeping for 2 hours in a cot every afternoon. Infact, he often asks to go and have a sleep!!

He was 10 months when he started.

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