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Is £8 too much or reasonable???

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vix1 · 22/06/2006 19:46

Im going to start advertising as a Babysitter in and around the Newbury, Berkshire area, would you say that £8 an hour is reasonable or too much?
Im qualified, police checked, excellent references, and drive, if that helps!

Comments appreciated

OP posts:
muminaquandary · 30/06/2006 10:23

For b/sitting I pay qualified nanny £7 ph & also qualified midwife the same. Always round up rather than down & pay mileage if relevant.

If it is a sit at home & watch telly job, eg from 8pm, will ask neighbour's daughter to do it, she charges £4 ph (altho wanted to do it for free!?). Peace of mind is that her mum is round the corner & is a senior obstetrician at local hospital. I only ever use her if we are going out v locally.

Au pairs here charge £6.

Live in Cambs.

lenaschildminding · 30/06/2006 14:15

We pay an unqualified 17yr old friend of the family £5.00 an hour! I think you are worth more than that! At the end of the day, to trust your children to a stranger and let them into your own home, you would need to know they are above board and qualified.

What price do you put on peace of mind and the welfare of your children?

You're also working unsocial hours if you are doing evenings, I charge time and a half for hours after 6pm, but then childminders charge per child, not just per hour, so you can't really compare rates.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

CristinaTheAstonishing · 30/06/2006 14:33

We pay £7 an hour in London, round it up if it's evening babysitting.

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