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Met Officers face custodial sentences over photos of Bibaa and Nicole

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EchoNan · 02/11/2021 15:09

So be it, as far as I'm concerned.

Does Cressida Dick spend ALL of her working day cutting and pasting apology statements?

OP posts:

Spiceup · 02/11/2021 21:23

Good, but if I'm honest I'm surprised and would expect them to have it reduced on appeal.


EwwSprouts · 02/11/2021 21:30

Excellent news.
They sank a lot lower than crass and they were actual adults, serving police officers on duty.


Orchidflower1 · 02/11/2021 21:49

I’m glad they got the custodial sentence; I don’t doubt it will be appealed regarding the length. Should I be in charge of the country ( Mr Orchid listens to this train of though regularly ….) it would have been a longer sentence, based upon the fact that an appeal to reduce is highly probable.

I am amazed at how Cressida Dick can actually keep hold of her job. Given she is the the top, the buck should stop with her. The arrogance of her keeping her job is astounding.

I hope Bibaa and Nicole’s mother is helped on her road to healing with this verdict.


PegasusReturns · 02/11/2021 22:08

@LuciesLawyer they pleaded guilty.

Unless you’re suggesting they were forced to do so, it’s hardly a miscarriage of justice Confused


RedMarauder · 03/11/2021 10:30


Good, but if I'm honest I'm surprised and would expect them to have it reduced on appeal.

They both admitted guilty and one has already resigned from the police so I doubt they will appeal especially as if you admit guilt you get your sentence reduced anyway.

LuciesLawyer · 03/11/2021 17:55

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

KittenKong · 03/11/2021 18:01

What worries me more - is that they thought about it, did it, shared it... that’s obviously part of the culture that they work in. I’m sure they must have done similar before but got away with it/brushed it off.

We were debating here last night under what circumstances would you ever take a photo like that - Hitler? Sassan Hussein? A terrorist bomber? We came to conclusion that the circumstance would be - never. Any civilised human being, with an ounce of human compassion in their body would not do this. How can they even look on the mirror - did they not even think ‘of that was my sister/mum/child’?

Jail will be particularly hard for an ex copper - but they should know this and it didn’t stop them).


ImUninsultable · 03/11/2021 18:03


What are you not understanding about misconduct in a public office?


Maggiethecat · 03/11/2021 18:27

wilful ignorance going on here?


RedWingBoots · 03/11/2021 18:33

This is part of the interview Mina Smallman had with an LBC presenter yesterday -


TheWeeDonkey · 03/11/2021 18:43

I'm guessing Lucies stands for Not A Real.

RIP Nicole and Bibaa 💐
Wishing strength to Mina, you all deserved better 💐


SommerTen · 03/11/2021 19:35

@LuciesLawyer cannot believe that you actually hold that view.

The murders were a terrible crime made a hundred times worse by the behaviour of these two policemen.
I'm glad they are being jailed.
I feel so sad for Mina Smallman.


BlackAndGreen · 03/11/2021 19:45

Unless one actively hurts or harms a living person (by 'harm' I include harassment and bullying), it should be up to society to rightfully judge and shun them, but the state should keep out.

You don't think a mother would suffer serious psychological harm and distress to know that police officers: not only were negligent in the initial missing person report and searches, but then desecrated and disrespected her daughters bodies? They photographed, put insulting sexist and racist remarks on altered images and then sent them to their colleagues? Oh and broke the police cordon. designed to protect the crime scene? You think this is a victimless crime because two women are dead and believe nobody was hurt?

Staggering lack of insight and respect posting your innacurate drivel here.

Read the room here. This is the Black Mumsnet board.

You think the women posting on here, aggrieved about the desecration of the sisters' bodies, and the appalling treatment of their mother, by the Head of the Met, are intereseed in your half baked pseudo civil liberty rambles?

If you want to start a thread about your lack of ability to understand the law, off you pop elsewhere. (Legal Board has real lawyers on it, see you over there)

Keep posting here. and we'll know that you are doing it to be goady. Your comments are disgusting, and inappropriate at this time, on this thread.


KittenKong · 03/11/2021 20:11

I don’t think anyone can post on good faith if they genuinely can’t see the crime here. Could anyone shut and say ‘s’okay’ if that was their child? Can people really not see things from others point of view?


BlackAndGreen · 03/11/2021 20:15

KittenKong, you said it better, and in fewer words. Thankyou.


BlackAndGreen · 03/11/2021 20:36

Part of Mina's press statement.

"To get it in perspective, they are in the minority, not just in the Met but across all the police forces. They are in the minority but what's happened is they have got such a grip on the culture that police officers, they don't agree with what's going on but they feel silenced.*

Just breaking with the BBC.
Met Officers under investigation allowed to patrol due to staff shortages

Former Officer comes forward to reveal serious issues dating back to 2017. Not just Wayne Couzens it appears.
"Jaysen Veeren, who revealed the claims, worked in the Serious Misconduct Investigation Unit within the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS), which is responsible for investigating the force's own officers and recommending actions such as a suspensions or restricted duties"

There has got to be some kind of third party reporting facility introduced, in my view.
At present, whistleblowers know that if they come forward, then their own careers are finished. It takes serious courage to speak out.


graduallygettingbetter · 03/11/2021 22:47

Good, so glad this has happened to these two monsters. What they did is inconceivable. How sick do you have to be to take selfie's with two murdered women's bodies, and then share them.

This and what Wayne Couzens did has secured my opinion of the Met. The organisation is rotten to the core.


Porcupineintherough · 04/11/2021 13:23


It's about bloody time. They've been suspended for over a year. Still haven't been fired. And that's them finally heading for a sentencing hearing for their criminal conduct. Still in a job though!

The Met is rotten all the way through.

They cant be fired until they have the internal hearing and they cant have that until any criminal prosecution is out of the way. It's just a set order if precedence and will make to difference to the final outcome.

NurseButtercup · 08/11/2021 20:32


I used to work in a pathology dept and asked if I could observe a post mortem.
The pathologist agreed but told me that everything I saw that day was highly confidential and if I spoke to anyone, even colleagues, about what I saw he would ensure I was dismissed.
Also the respect given to the deceased was impeccable. We never forgot that we were with someone's beloved family member.
Why the police do not have the same standards is beyond me.

Thankyou for sharing this insight some readers need the gravity of this crime spelling out to them.

EchoNan · 06/12/2021 17:21

Jaffer and Lewis.
Two years and nine months each.

OP posts:

RedWingBoots · 08/12/2021 10:49

Mima Smallman, Bibaa and Nicole's mum, did an interview yesterday.

You can listen here via the link -

Amid court reports stating that one of the convicted officers would like to meet with Ms Smallman and Ms Henry's family, their mother told LBC that they should "be careful what they prey for" and that she would gladly make the officers realise their shame.


RedWingBoots · 08/12/2021 10:50

Mina - sorry typo

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