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Filling in the gaps... Flame's birth story after a live labour

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FlameHasAnotherChick · 20/10/2009 01:49

I'm awake with after pains and adrenaline anyway...

So, birth as clear as I can get it as I have discovered the m/w swiped my notes already!!! I hope they bring them back for a few days, I want to read them.

As I type, a little huge baby is sleeping next to me sucking her thumb

About 4.30pm on Sunday 18th October (2 days overdue, though you would assume more from my whinging for weeks ) I started to feel a bit odd, and thought my waters might be starting to leak. Had a bath, a nap, started to get dinner and by then was fairly sure. Decided to do dinner, watch back Merlin, and by then I would be very sure and could call my mum and let her know.

She came and took the DC to her house at about 7.30pm so that I could have a child free house to labour in! Called the hospital when they left and pretty much said "Waters trickling, some twinges, just letting you know..." and went to watch X Factor (classy bird that I am). Sniggered a bit at the poll still running on here for due dates .

By the end of x factor I was very sure about everything, so started labour thread - had to be done

Sent DH to bed, and slept myself on and off through the night, but was fairly restless.

5.10am I woke DH to help me finish inflating the pool (was a 2 man job). I didn't care if it slowed things down at that stage, I wanted the warm water and was tired - slowing things enough to get some sleep sounded a good plan.

About half 8 things started to get closer together and more hurty, so we decided to call the m/w pretty much just to check things over.

She came and went by 10am - said I was about 2cm, cervix right back still but did a sweep. Things started hurting more when I was stood up after that, so me being me... sat down natch . Watched some Rhod Gilbert on youtube with DH (he's good - I have decided I like him lots ). Tried some moving around, then sleepiness kicked in, so dozed between ctx on the sofa.

Got to 12.30 and started feeling sick and all distracted and weirdy. Called for m/w to come back.

By 1.20 m/w had informed me I was still 2cm and cervix right back. The others were like that too so it didn't greatly distress me... did kind of get me into thinking "Baby by 3pm" though.

Sent her away to see another woman. I didn't see the point in her being there when not a lot was happening, and some other poor woman was waiting for a m/w visit. It didn't seem quite such a good idea when she was gone... I was a leetle bit weirdy by that stage (hence managing to use the word transitionish )

I had been talking to Sparkler on fb chat, but had one very long, very hurty ctx and decided I couldn't chat any more! m/w arrived about then (so about 2pm)

Rest of waters started going when I stood up to let m/w back in.

Things started hurting a hell of a lot more then. Still far apart ctx but lasting a long time and painful. Tried various positions then asked for my pool again. Think I got in there about 3.30pm.

M/w called for a second one, and I could hear the conversation - the hospital wanted her to examine me and she wanted to leave me. She gave in and lo and behold... 2cm, still cervix back!

By about 4pm I started on the gas and air (no rationing this birth ). Another m/w arrived, tried to introduce herself and show me her face (very nice and polite) - told her I'd meet her later and see her face then . Boy translated various grunting and gesturing to "she needs to push" (very impressed).

Three births, and this is the first one where the midwife had the right way about her to get me to hold off pushing until absolutely necessary. She was amazing.

Carys Jean was born at 4.32pm on 19th October.

We tried for natural 3rd stage. I stayed in the pool for quite a while cuddling/drowning Carys until I decided that she was safer with DH. I was shaking a lot and just feeling very odd. Eventually I announced I wasn't doing too well, just give me the injection. Got out of the pool and then just felt really weird on the sofa too. Finally finished about 5.20pm, and instantly felt normal again.

Small tear inside that didn't need stitching.

Latched on for a quick feed perfectly.

We knew she looked solid, but finally weighed her at a giant 9lb 9oz. She is only 1cm longer than the other two were born, so she just just very very chunky.

Not overly keen on feeding since - get the feeling she is doing fine for nutrients and just wanting sleep.

I'm awake at stupid o'clock because she woke crying, then after pains kicked in nicely so I can't sleep right now. She's been sleeping peacefully for hours

DH looks absolutely exhausted!

DC came to meet her this evening. Flameboy apparently sobbed his heart out when he was told she was a girl, but his face was just pure adoration when he came in, and even more when he could cuddle. Flamechick seems to like her, but was more interested in new HSM toys that Carys kindly gave her. (Dude was torn between baby and Jessie from Toy Story).

I'm done with the whole having more babies thing now

I just want to say a huge Thank you to all of you who have supported me through 40 weeks of depression and sickness - there were times when I honestly couldn't have survived it without you.

(Sorry for the essay - some of you love all the details, but a big part of it is for me... will print and save so I have a fresh memory stored).

OP posts:
BobbingForPeachys · 20/10/2009 10:57

Oh congrats Flame- well done, sunds like a good birth.

Now tell me- a girl, what is one of those? Think i've seen them around,think I may even have been one once, but.......

Much love to you all,lovely that the kids met the baby so quickly- DS1 / ds2 met ds4 five minutes in and I do think it helps.ds1 stilltlaks about it with awe.

morningpaper · 20/10/2009 11:02


aristoBLACKcat · 20/10/2009 11:08


well done flame and love the name carys

Lilyloooohhhh · 20/10/2009 11:18

Lurked until after lunch yesterday on your thread

YanknHeadsOffCocks · 20/10/2009 11:19

Great story. I remember commiserating with you months about about antenatal depression, and it's lovely to hear you coming out the other side.

YanknHeadsOffCocks · 20/10/2009 11:19

that should be 'months ago'. I'm not depressed anymore, but 8 weeks after the birth my brain still doesn't work!

LilRedWG · 20/10/2009 11:24


StealthPolarBear · 20/10/2009 11:29


CantSleepWontSleep · 20/10/2009 12:23
TheDevilEatsBabies · 20/10/2009 12:34

congratulations Flame.

Carys Jean is a beautiful name, and goes well for a baby as an adult!

get some rest now!

me23 · 20/10/2009 12:41

aww wonderful congratulations

Sparkler · 20/10/2009 14:06

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! x

fillybuster · 20/10/2009 16:23

Wonderful story which had me in tears at my desk...I was desperate for the details after losing the whole day yesterday to your very impressive labour thread ! I'm very at 9lb 9oz with no tearing...amazing! Well done all of you, and welcome again Carys

cocolepew · 20/10/2009 16:29


MayorNaze · 20/10/2009 16:32

really lovely. congratulations

sassy · 20/10/2009 16:34

Oh Flame. How very lovely. Bless you all

And welcome to the world Carys Jean (gorge name)

CantThinkofFunnyName · 20/10/2009 16:40

Many congratulations - was also lurking on your labour thread!

Wish we could all do the live labour thing! Now get some rest!

Dumbledoresgirl · 20/10/2009 19:59

I missed your labouring thread Flamey, but was reading it all after the event yesterday evening. I was quite sorry to have missed the excitement but anyway...

Congratulations on the birth of Carys, and wow, what a wonderful birth it sounded! Enjoy some cosseting now.

tHELLISH · 20/10/2009 20:57

Always lovely to hear such a good story - well done

Frizbe · 20/10/2009 23:51

Awwww lovely story, might have to go cuddle dd2 now Congrats once again!

MarsLady · 21/10/2009 00:49

Fantastic! And as I said... my favourite name.

iateallthecreameggsyummy · 21/10/2009 10:10

aww what a lovely thread to read congrats to you all!

MerlinsBeard · 21/10/2009 13:06

Oh here is your birth announcement!! Your other thread got too long for my iPod lol!

Lovely To read this and once again oodles of congratulations

So sorry that I couldn't help you more with AND but sounds like you were in good hands. Sending you a huge "glinda bubble" to pack anything resembling PND into xx

HalfMumHalfBiscuit · 22/10/2009 14:11

Well done Flamey. Great birth story. Welcome to Carys Jean she's a gorgeous cuddly baby.

Bethan Rose waves hi (currently on my knee pausing between scoffing).

GoppingOtter · 23/10/2009 23:04

well done flame you sound fab - times like this i would like to send a paper card x

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