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A late birth this the fastest on mumsnet?????

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frangipan · 15/11/2007 12:09

Ruby Rose Ann was born at home on 28/10/2007, planned homebirth......

8pm-first twinge...
8.10pm - called midwives
8.57pm-midwives arrive just as I deliver head
9pm- Ruby literally fell out and midwife caught her(i was standing up!)....
7lb 8oz (had been told to expect at least 9lb'er)

fast or what is this a mumsnet record or does anyone have a faster time????

OP posts:
LilRedWG · 16/11/2007 09:00

Blimey - congratulations!

ruty · 16/11/2007 09:01

Malfoy, i was just like you.

Well done though frangipan! And congratulations.

Saturn74 · 16/11/2007 09:06


walkinginaWILKIEwonderland · 03/12/2007 20:14

Wow! So jealous after my 26 hour labour

Here's hoping for next time...


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