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Should we stick with Elizabeth or Bethan? or be adventurous.................................................

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mummypud · 26/02/2008 14:34

and have ROWAN, sidney or BRODIE, for a girl ?

OP posts:
hatrick · 26/02/2008 15:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

brimfull · 26/02/2008 15:01

agree sidney is an soap character name

mummypud · 26/02/2008 15:01

ggirl, thats why we had chosen the name to start with as it has so many variations.x

OP posts:
skyatnight · 26/02/2008 15:02

Not read the whole of the thread, but, if you choose Elizabeth, you have the option of calling her Beth or Bethan if you want to.

mummypud · 26/02/2008 15:02

alice is nice but our surname starts with h so honor and hope may not go well

OP posts:
dramaqueen · 26/02/2008 15:04

My dd is Elizabeth, and we shorten it to Beth. We thought that Beth was a lovely name in its own right and she can use Elizabeth as a grown up name in the working world.

TwoFirTreesToday · 26/02/2008 16:16

Elizabeth Rowan would be nice

pollyblue · 26/02/2008 16:19

When i was in hospital having dd one of the HCAs was called Lilibeth which i thought was lovely
Thumbs up for Rowan too

Peridot30 · 26/02/2008 16:21

I love BETHAN though dh said no as it doesnt really go with our surname.

I do agree that BRODIE is a boys name.

MaryAnnSingleton · 26/02/2008 16:32

I knew of a ROAN

HonoriaGlossop · 26/02/2008 16:48

Don't like Brodie or Sidney at ALL.

Elizabeth - lovely name. And you can play with the shortenings and give lots of nicknames to suit the child.

Also love Rowan. How about Willow?

SparklyGothKat · 26/02/2008 16:53

I have a Bethan so I love it!!!

themildmanneredjanitor · 26/02/2008 16:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummypud · 26/02/2008 18:21

honoria , i love willow , was one of the first i mentoined but again was poo pooed , i really think its between bethan and elizabeth .x

OP posts:
Niecie · 26/02/2008 18:25

Rowan gets my vote.

The only Brodie I know is a boy.

Elizabeth is a tiny bit safe but Beth is nice.

macaco · 29/02/2008 10:37

What's the problem here? Your DH likes Elizabeth and you like its short forms or related names, lizzie, beth, libby. Why can't she be Elizabeth as her proper name and then you can call her any of the short forms within the family. She can decide which she like best and which to use, just like any Elizabeth can use her full legal name or introdue her self as Liz.

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