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what do you think of the name sara for a girl ?

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BINAH · 23/02/2008 21:56

It is mi dd's name and in my family no one likes it...

OP posts:
Thomcat · 23/02/2008 22:52

It's my name, I'm a Sara as in Sarah but without the h. i love that it's spelt without the h.

There was a little girl in the park recently and her mum called out 'sara' and I thought, oh how lovely to hear that name again on a young girl.

BINAH · 23/02/2008 22:55

I love the sound of it as if it is like the is soft ...and yet powerfull, perfect for my dd....

OP posts:
hifi · 23/02/2008 23:10


purpleduck · 23/02/2008 23:20

love it

its my neice's name, and she is a beautiful, wonderful girl

Charlene1 · 23/02/2008 23:40

Rebecca is nice! I considered "Rebekah" too!

BINAH · 24/02/2008 12:27

loved it hebrew written?

OP posts:
Charlene1 · 24/02/2008 17:43

Hi, not sure - might be Greek - saw it on "Home and Away" years ago - the actress who played Sophie was called Rebekah Elmagloglu or something in real life, and I think she was of Greek background!

MaryAnnSingleton · 24/02/2008 17:46

My dear friend is called Sara and she is very clever (Phd) -it's pretty too - her mum was Italian

Iota · 24/02/2008 17:47

I knew a Sara (rhymes with Zara) over 20 yrs ago - I have always thought that it is a lovely name

Lulumama · 24/02/2008 17:48

it is my middle name. i like it!

geogteach · 24/02/2008 17:51

Perfect, (its my name too)

LazyLinePainterJane · 24/02/2008 18:15

Well, a Sara may have to always say "without an H" but as a Sarah I can say that I have always had to say "yes...with an H"....and it is surprising how many people can't spell it. Go for it!

mumoftwonomore · 27/02/2008 13:56

hey, I love sara and Zara. they are both great names and suit little ones and teenagers. great choice.

minster · 27/02/2008 20:58

I like it Prefer it to Sarah & prounounced to rhyme with Zara.

pickie · 27/02/2008 21:03

My mum is called Sara and DD's middle name is Sara, would have been 1st name but not Dh's favorite name

bogie · 27/02/2008 21:11

I have a friend called sara and she is lovley and very pretty

eidsvold · 27/02/2008 21:21

love it - was on the list for dd3.

SazzlesA · 29/02/2008 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Sarahjct · 03/03/2008 18:53

Yep I also have to keep saying 'Sarah with an h'. I love both names though. If I wasn't called Sarah then I would have used it for dd. Hated it as a kid as there were 9,999 of them in my class alone, but love it now.

Sara's lovely though, although it looks unfinished to me. It needs an h...

lemonstartree · 04/03/2008 12:13

great name. Classic but not common. Good choice

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