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Determined not to have nameless baby, please help! (Eve or Evie?)

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pobletsmum · 09/02/2008 20:18

DH and I are struggling to find a name for our 2nd child, due on wednesday.

We both like Eve, but I don't think it works with our choice of middle name, May, and our 1 syllable surname ie. 'Eve May xxxxx'. I think it's all too '1-syllablish'! DH can't see a problem with this.

We also quite like Evie, which goes much better with May and surname ie. 'Evie May xxxxx'. However, we prefer Eve, because it can be changed to Evie while baby is little, if we like, whereas I think we're less likely to ever be able to change Evie to Eve.

So... please tell me what you think of the '1-syllableness'/lack of flow for 'Eve May xxxxx', whether you think 'Evie' is ever shortened to 'Eve', and failing all else, can anyone think of a different, pretty, multisyllabic middle name that does go with 'Eve'? (although I would be very reluctant not to use 'May', which is a family name).


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Maverick010506 · 09/02/2008 20:53

My daughter is called Evelyn (emphasis on Ev and not Eve). We shorten her name to Evy (although we really liked Evie before she was born!) I think Evie May is lovely..... so too is Evelyn May... Lots of people thought she was called Evelyn (Eve-Lyn) before we corrected them! but we could just have easily called her Evy as we nearly always use the shortened version of her name.

lennygrrl · 09/02/2008 20:56

Message withdrawn

pobletsmum · 09/02/2008 21:08

That's the thing lennygrrl - if we're going to use Evie, we might as well use it from the start (getting away from the string of single syllables), although I'm not sure she could shorten to Eve when older if named Evie.

Heated & Maverick - we'll definitely stick with either Eve or Evie - we just aren't keen on the longer versions.

Why oh why is it so difficult to decide?

OP posts:
Heated · 09/02/2008 21:15

If you like the flexibility of Eve, with Evie as the likely nn, then go for it.

Eve May does sound lovely imo. The only other realistic alternative I can think of is, could you go for a variant on the mn? E.g. Maia/Mabel instead of May or even have 2 mns, Evie ..... May?

lennygrrl · 09/02/2008 21:15

Message withdrawn

pigleychez · 10/02/2008 09:20

I prefer Eve.

Im a Nursery teacher and know so many Evie but not one Eve.

Eve May is a lovely name.

Plus like others have said its not often your middle name is used. I hardly ever use mine.

cleaninglady · 10/02/2008 10:07

Understand about the "one-syllable-ness"
so Evie May sounds better when said out loud although I prefer Eve as the first name !!
My GD is Eve Annabelle which flows nicely but gets called Evie all the time!

stanleysmother · 10/02/2008 10:13

I think that the amount of times she would go around using her middle name is so limited it doesn't really matter and 1 syllable names for first and surnames sounds great... it works for Kate Moss and I bet she got called Katie when she was a kid!

ConnieDescending · 10/02/2008 18:18

I think Eve is a lovely name, Evie will always be a nickname imo. Totally agree that the 'flow' of Eve May is wrong and if you dont' like longer versions of Eve (what about Evangeline btw????) then why not change the middle name instead???

You could have Eve Maya, Eve Mya, etc or you could add another mn to improve the flow e.g. Eve Olivia May, Eve Matilda May, Eve Elizabeth May, Eve Jessica May etc etc

CalifrauQuoteoftheWeek · 10/02/2008 18:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pobletsmum · 11/02/2008 08:55

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think I'm veering towards 'Eve (another name) May xxxxx'. I don't want to change May because it has been passed down the family (eldest daughter) for generations, and I like it. I didn't really want to add a 2nd middle name, because I have 2 middle names and always wished I only had one. However, I'm still not sure about 'Eve May xxxxx'. I can see the debate (between DH & myself) carrying on after the baby is born...

stanleysmother - I agree about the 1 syllable 1st and last names - ironically DS' name is only 1 syllable and sounds great! His middle name is longer though, so flows well when we say his full name.

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