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caitlinrose · 12/10/2022 13:02

My husband suggested Holly.

Would you say this is a trendy name or a classic?

I do find it slightly 90s but then again my husband really seems to like 90s names.

Holly or Hollie?

I can't decide whether I'm a huge fan of it yet. I dislike that it seems dated to me but I do like that it sounds sort of happy and that it reminds me of Christmas (just like Noelle which I love).

Was Holly popular in your area? Is it odd for a non-Christmas baby?

I guess it is sort of similar in style to Ivy but much less common at the moment so not totally out of style?

OP posts:
FayCarew · 12/10/2022 14:21

It's a bit christmassy, but it's usable for babies born at other times of the year.
Polly and Molly are a bit more classic.

Adultchildofelderlyparents · 12/10/2022 14:24

I would say Holly is a classic name, whereas Hollie is more 90s. Holly is a lovely name, I think I would only choose it for a winter-born baby.

Dalekjastninerels · 12/10/2022 14:26

I like Holly and Hollie; but prefer Holly.

AriettyHomily · 12/10/2022 14:31

Holly. Love it.

MurderAtTheBeautyPageant · 12/10/2022 14:56

Yes it has a bit of a 90s vibe. Whether it's 'classic' or not depends on your definition I suppose. I would say probably not as it's only in recent decades that it's become commonly known as a first name. But I don't set too much store by 'classic' to be honest.

It agree that it's a happy kind of sound. A friendly and bouncy name,

Lilacsunflowers · 12/10/2022 15:00

Dated to the 90s.

Cute for a Christmas baby!

StopFeckingFaffing · 12/10/2022 15:07

I like it but mildly prefer Polly

I would definitely go with the Holly spelling though

SalviaOfficinalis · 12/10/2022 15:08

Definitely Holly spelling.
It is a bit 90s, yes, but I really like it.

skippy67 · 12/10/2022 15:16

I know a 28 year old Holly, a 17 year old Holly and and 18 year old Hollie!

CastleTower · 12/10/2022 16:39

I really like it. People might ask if she's a Christmas baby, but I think it's usable any time of year. Holly is an evergreen!

EdgeOfACoin · 12/10/2022 16:58

Holly is nice. She'll stand out now among the Ivys.

Not keen on Hollie.

EdgeOfACoin · 12/10/2022 16:59

Having said that, I might avoid the name if you live in an area where she's likely to be called 'Olly.

SpinningFloppa · 12/10/2022 17:06

It’s ok, bit dated but a nice enough name. Holly not Hollie

Northtosouth · 12/10/2022 17:07

I think Holly for a Christmas baby, but that spelling is too Christmassy for me if it’s at other times of the year so I’d go Hollie if not a Christmas baby.
I know a few 25-30ish but have heard of a few under 5s so seems to be coming back around.

sourcreampringle · 12/10/2022 17:08

Holly is lovely and not overused atm

SquigglePigs · 12/10/2022 17:24

Holly is lovely and I don't think it's dated at all. Hollie looks like messing with the spelling for the sake of it

ABrotherWhoLooksLikeHellMugYou · 12/10/2022 17:27

I know a 40 year old Holly and a 7 year old one, so ot spans a wide range

mollymole999 · 12/10/2022 17:28

I think it's a classic name and would spell Holly. When are u due?

Kindofcrunchy · 12/10/2022 17:33

It's on our list for our second but ours is due near Christmas 😊 I'd say it's nice enough to be used all year round though!

Spanielsarepainless · 12/10/2022 17:38

Definitely Holly.

caitlinrose · 12/10/2022 18:51

In the late spring, still a long time to go. We don't know what we're having yet.

OP posts:
DramaAlpaca · 12/10/2022 22:14

It's not what I'd call a classic, it's bit dated, but it's a nice name. Spelled Holly though, Hollie is twee.


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Luredbyapomegranate · 12/10/2022 23:18

I think it’s twee, and yes odd for a non Christmas baby. So many better names out there.

sourcreampringle · 12/10/2022 23:57

Luredbyapomegranate · 12/10/2022 23:18

I think it’s twee, and yes odd for a non Christmas baby. So many better names out there.

Weirdly I find Polly very twee but not Holly for some reason!

SunshineAndFizz · 13/10/2022 00:12

Holly is lovely.

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