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Autoimmune disease

Ms symptoms

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r1911 · 12/02/2021 17:25

Hi everyone

I just wanted some help - if you have been diagnosed or tested for ms please can i ask what your initial symptoms were?

I have posted before and am having some worrying symptoms - i have got in touch with my gp and the route to get referred to see a neurologist is through a physio assessment (over the phone thanks to covid) so i am on a longing waiting list as its 8 weeks before i can even hope to have an appoitment with physio therapist and they have advised me they will phone me once an appt is available instead of me phoning to get an appt.

Thanks in advance for any help - really scared :(

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Brooklily · 13/03/2021 17:51

MRI is essential and they should do brain and spine if looking for causes of neurological symptoms as they can originate in brain or spine. They would also do these with contrast if they think yours activily relapsing. I think the lumbar puncture would only be done if your having an active relapse as it looks for signs of inflammation which are present during a relapse. An MS lesion on an MRI looks like a 'fried egg' and is apparently quite distinctive. If lesions are only present on the spine this can lead to misdiagnosis as apparently other conditions can cause spinal lesions.


r1911 · 15/03/2021 00:55

@Brooklily thank you for such a detailed response, i think i only had a head mri last time so will try and request both. Its such an anxious time waiting

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Brooklily · 15/03/2021 06:45

@r1911 it is tough waiting...I hope you get your answers whatever they may be...and remember things may not turn out as bad as you think. Sending a handhold and thinking of you x


r1911 · 15/03/2021 07:45

Thankyou @Brooklily the handhold is very much needed. I will update when i know more xx

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