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To think this is a really warm October ?

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TheLostNights · 12/10/2022 18:56

Well, in London and South East?
Temps have been up to 19C and look to be that way well into the end of the month. I remember past years when it was really cold in October. Now it only seems to be in the morning and later evenings.

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Octomore · 12/10/2022 18:57

I'm up north and it's been warm for the time of year here too.

I'm a pretty warm person, but I've been comfortably walking around outdoors in just a thickish shirt.

CheezePleeze · 12/10/2022 18:59

YANBU, I'm down South too and glad I don't have to put my heating on.

Signeduptosimplyreplytothis · 12/10/2022 18:59

I've known it warmer. I remember being in London in October half term dressed as if it was the middle of summer. It's been typically autumnal here, crisp, sunny and a few rain storms

thelobsterquadrille · 12/10/2022 19:00

It's warm here in Cumbria too, but really wet and windy which makes it feel a bit damp and gross.

TonTonMacoute · 12/10/2022 19:00

I don't know whether it's warmer than usual but I'm certainly not cold down here in Cornwall. I'm still wearing sandals and we still have the summer duvet on the bed. Lots of my garden flowers are still going strong too.

Roselilly36 · 12/10/2022 19:01

October is generally nice & mild for the South IMHO, not looking forward to the clocks changing dark nights coupled with rainy November though.

Hoardasurass · 12/10/2022 19:02

We've still got flowers in bloom up here (Scotland) that's unheard-of in October we're normally sitting about 10°C cooler by now

BigSandyBalls2015 · 12/10/2022 19:02

Frost yesterday morning in south london but warm in the day time.

Octomore · 12/10/2022 19:03

Yes to the flowers too, in North Yorks.

Numbat2022 · 12/10/2022 19:05

Not especially, I don't think? October is often mild with lovely weather and flowers still blooming. We usually get our first frost in November, with the real winter cold in January and February.

Forecasters are predicting a colder than usual early winter this year (graphs are looking like the winter of 2010/11).

beonmywaythen · 12/10/2022 19:05

Yes really warm

BashfulClam · 12/10/2022 19:06

It’s weird in October, on my facebook
memories I have posts about it being cold a few years ago but the last few years have been mild and wet. I remember about 8 years ago going to a wedding in Halloween and it was 20c and sunny. I’m in Scotland.

BashfulClam · 12/10/2022 19:07

In 2017 it was freezing as I remember my pumpkin getting all frosty.

Octomore · 12/10/2022 19:08

Winters have been getting steadily warmer (on average) for decades now.

NoMichaelNo · 12/10/2022 19:08

It's a bit chilly in the morning but yes really warm during the day.

ArseInTheCoOpWindow · 12/10/2022 19:08

No, it’s not been mild round me. It was 9 degrees yesterday. Pretty cold and windy today.

purpleme12 · 12/10/2022 19:08

Mmm October isn't normally cold I don't think. It seems pretty normal to me

A580Hojas · 12/10/2022 19:08

It's not bad. We've only had the heating on for a few hours here and there (London). Which is lucky this year!

BananaCocktails · 12/10/2022 19:10

I’m in London and remember thinking to myself either day that it’s really warm ..I had to take my jacket off the other day and I was walking around in a T-shirt and shorts and so were other people -some were even in flip flop it’s definitely warmer than usual

oviraptor21 · 12/10/2022 19:10

Cold and damp here (also south east). Winter is around the corner.

TheFormidableMrsC · 12/10/2022 19:12

I'm in North Herts so about 40 miles from central London and it is indeed very warm when the sun is out and I've dried washing easily too. The evenings are very chilly though but we're making do with oodies and an electric blanket. It's nowhere near cold enough for heating yet thank God!

Dacadactyl · 12/10/2022 19:14

I'm in the North West and I agree with you. It's raining at the moment but it's been reasonable and I've not put the heating on yet (although the living room fire has been on 3 times)

lightisnotwhite · 12/10/2022 19:21

Definitely a lot milder over the last 15 years. I was actually sunbathing on Monday. It was hot and sunny in the SE.
I’m grateful frankly. Mild means lower bills and easier to get out and escape winter germs.
Hate winter. I used to like it when everything slowed a bit but now there’s no tolerance for freezing conditions, the dark impacting life. It’s all crack on as before.

VioletInsolence · 12/10/2022 19:29

Yes it’s warm. I kind of worry that younger people will gradually forget what the weather was like before global warming really kicked in. However, it was 28C one day in early October in (around) 2010. I know because it was my birthday and I couldn’t believe it!

JennieTheZebra · 12/10/2022 19:30

October is always warmer than you remember it and March always colder.

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