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to think they're taking the p*ss

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MilkMonitor · 08/01/2008 18:17

when Mumsnet allows an ad from Nutella on the home page with the copy "Wake up to a balanced breakfast,"


OP posts:
ChippyMinton · 08/01/2008 19:48

hello slubbers, I menat to say that today I am mostly eating your lovely chutney and cheddar sandwiches, have you saved some to enter the village show?

Hatwoman, you needn't give up peanut butter, simply spread the nutella on top of it

Hecate · 08/01/2008 19:50

MARMITE? [vomit]

I judge thee...

Slubberdegullion · 08/01/2008 19:56

Chippy. Ahh well my apple chutney on toast for breakfast would be a very healthy start to the day. It has apples and salt and sugar and raisins in. Yes, I have hidden the village show entry pot so it doesn't get eaten as happened last year.

pointydog · 08/01/2008 20:00

it is a sly use of words. ANything can contribute to a balance, I'd've thought.

fireflytoo · 08/01/2008 21:04
jadegarden · 09/01/2008 13:48

Obviously it's always a good sign when a responsible parenting website like this one is seduced by the evils of sponsorship and advertising crappy substances that in the 80's or 90's might have been considered a good food source (had the parents concerned been wayne or waynetta slob) article557122366.jsp

colditz · 09/01/2008 13:56

Yes, exactly. Similarly we should ban adverts for nappies, in case people fail to do their research and spend money on something they don't agree with, holidays, in case people fail to do their research and spend money on something they don't agree with, mobile phones, in case people fail to do their research and spend money on something they don't agree with, charities, in case people fail to do their research and spend money on something they don't agree with - fact, EVERYTHING.

Because isn't the problem with advert that people allow themselves to be misled? So, when I see the Centreparcs advert, should I demand that they ban it, because they don't show the surely staff and the bored teenagers? And the British Beef advert, telling you all about the protein and nothing about the fat?

Do we have no responsibility to ourselves left?

SmartArse · 09/01/2008 14:02

I make my own nutella [smug housewife emotion].

And because I've made it myself, I think it is perfectly acceptable for the DCs to have it on their toast for breakfast occasionally. (Frankly, I'm just pleased they've eaten something, usually)

SmartArse · 09/01/2008 14:06

And of course I mean "emoticon".

Muppet (as well as perfect housewife, of course).

MrsTittleMouse · 09/01/2008 14:15

I like the Nutella jar where it says in big letters how many hazelnuts and how much milk is in the pot (plus a little cocoa) and then you read the ingredients and the main one is sugar!
DD never eats Nutella. I sneak teaspoons of it in the kitchen when she's not looking. Oh, go on then, tablespoons...

dingdong05 · 09/01/2008 14:17

I agree colditz... mind you I was thinking of complaining to all those sanitary product manufacturers for false advertising as no matter what one I try I ALWAYS feel like cr*p and never everevereverever want to do excersize or wear short/white/tight skirts/trousers.

SmartArse · 09/01/2008 14:17

I do that sort of thing, MrsT - you know, not allowing the DCs to have anything unhealthy but sneakily taking big gobfuls behind their backs!

KatieScarlett2833 · 13/01/2008 21:17

I hide mine along with my stress-relieving Flake's in "Mummy's secret place".

Of course, I justify this to myself by saying "Well the Dentist didn't ban ME from having sweets or sugary drinks!"

Mwa ha ha

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