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AIBU to make this request at work?

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FriedGreenTomatoes · 02/01/2008 13:42

OK - a bit of background. Had a highly successful city career until I went on mat leave. Firm makes a big deal of offering careers to working mums, but since returning I have been sidelined - best clients given to others etc. As a result I cannot achieve the highest bonus targets and feel that I can't progress further.
Have now found a great new job, so am about to resign and am feeling positive about career change. But I still feel a bit pissed off that I have had my current career cut short after giving 12 years of my life to them.
In the process of leaving I have made them aware that I am not happy with my treatment, and they have made me fully aware that they have acted within the law (which is a grey area but I am not thinking of suing them anyway). But I would be interested to know what has been discussed about me between the directors, as third party feedback I have heard through the grapevine is less than complimentary about me and very unfair (as in them denigrating my performance just to justify why they didn't give me clients when there has been no issue with my performance at all).
So, I have been toying with making a request under Freedom of Information Act to see the data held on me. But I know this would be a major pain in the arse for them, as they only have 28 days (or something like that) to go through all email archives, meeting notes, HR records, EVERYTHING, to find any reference to me. I am not interested in most of what they will drag up but you can only make the request for all data (I believe).
As it would be so onerous, I am not inclined to make the request. But some of my friends feel I should, just to get full closure and understanding.
If I did make the request, AIBU?

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FriedGreenTomatoes · 03/01/2008 14:58

I will email you this evening. Thanks for your support!

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PolarMummy · 04/01/2008 19:39

FGT havent had time to read all the posts but just wanted to say that you have a right to all personal information held on you under the Data protection act. This would include for example your personnel file and any emails about you not just the ones which have your name in the subject (although hard to know if you would get all these) could also include any phone message about you written in a phone message book! Basically the law says its any information held in a filing system (electronic or paper based) and you can just ask for specific information or all information.

HTH if you decide to go through with the request, it might be help to think what you want from the information as it might make you feel worse to read what people have written and if you are leaving anyway it may not be worth it.

RibenaBerry · 04/01/2008 23:17

Squiffy - just seen this. Would be happy to email and help that way, but I rather cherish being anonymous on here (so no 'compliance' type issues). Hope you understand. Would that be any good to you? If so, I can email that address.

FriedGreenTomatoes · 06/01/2008 17:44

Thanks for that information PolarMummy. I thought that I was entitled to see all of that info (just got confused under which law I had the right).

I don't think I will ask for it. The only good it would do is to cause work the pain and cost of searching for it, and I'm not so bitter as to do that

OP posts:
Squiffy · 07/01/2008 13:43

Anonymity works for me - I am more interested in finding out what really happens than who's telling me!

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