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to be getting really bored...

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soopermum1 · 20/12/2007 09:02

...of being off sick with sick DS. am usually a full time working mum and usually enjoy days off where we get to spend some time together, but am getting really really bored and feeling pretty rough myself. cbeebies is on constantly and i don't have the energy to 'do' anything with DS, rolling up some cookie dough and shoving it in the oven is about as far as i've got with organised activity. yesterday thought DS would be ok, but i was feeling like death so packed him off to nursery looking forward to a day under the duvet with my hankies, but needed to go pick DS up as he wasn't OK but miraculously picked up the minute i turned up at the nursery.

on the bright side, DS seems to be having a good time, has picked up the art of enjoying being ill from his father

anyone else out there in the same situation?

OP posts:

XAliceInWonderlandX · 20/12/2007 09:05

im always at home with a four year old!

dreams of the outside world hope you feel better soon


RubySlippedonastraymincepie · 20/12/2007 09:05

if you are feeling better, hats, coats and gloves on and have a lovely walk

stop off for a coffee somewhere ...

then back home for a snuggle under the duvet


RubySlippedonastraymincepie · 20/12/2007 09:05

or lots of colouring!


SSStollenzeit · 20/12/2007 09:07

Yes ministering to a sick little angel isn't too bad when you're healthy yourself but it's hell when you're feeling tired and sick.

How old is he?


Bridie3 · 20/12/2007 09:08

It's grim.
Doesn't mean you don't love them but cabin fever can set in badly.


soopermum1 · 20/12/2007 09:14

DS is 4. we went out the last couple of days just for a bit to get some fresh air, did break up the day so will do the same today.

have to take my hat off to the SAHMs who have to do this more often than me. usually if it's just me that's sick i can pack DS off to nursery and snuggle under the duvet and feel sorry for myself.

i demand the right to feel sorry for myself and cry for my mum at the age of 34

OP posts:

camillathechicken · 20/12/2007 09:17

over the last 4 weeks i have had DD ill, and DS off school ill,and me ill ! and DH

i am ill again, DS was sent home from school yesterday,and had to go to emergency docs last night, with raging temperature and chest infection..... DD is having hideous nappies.. we are holed up in the kitchen, in our pyjamas,with the fire lit and the telly on.

i cannot be bothered doing anything except changing channels.

duvet on the sofa and a film is always good


soopermum1 · 20/12/2007 09:22

that sounds pretty bad camilla. hope everyone recovers soon.

like the idea of the film, am getting so fed up of cbeebies i want to throw the telly out the window

OP posts:

camillathechicken · 20/12/2007 09:23

i hope you are all better soon !

warm room, film, duvet, the DCs will most likely nod off, and you can too..

if you have Sky, there are loads of family friendly movies on at the moment.


SSStollenzeit · 20/12/2007 09:41

you've been having a rough time of it Lulu! Hope you're all well soon and the OP too.

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