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AIBU starbucks and others policy on heating babyfood

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aaronmum1 · 08/12/2007 22:33

i went to debehams cafe today and it took them 30 minutes to heat up the babyfood in a small bowl of boiling water - still not warn enough but couldn't wait any longer. they say they do not put into micrwave for 20 secs for "health & safety reasons" this gets me so mad! starbucks used to hand you a precariuos bowl of boiling hot water yet would not put in the micro ! this is crazy - is it just an excuse to discourage parents and babies?

OP posts:

JingleyJen · 08/12/2007 22:36

In our debenhams they have a microwave in the kiddies corner with a disclaimer notice.

when DS1 was born lots of places wouldn't give us water to warm up things for the "elves of safety" said so. so i used to order a pot of tea and ask for a spare teapot with hot water to top up the teapot and use that, what a pin in the arse!


camillathechicken · 08/12/2007 22:38

you don;t need to heat jarred food, it can be given room temp

or give baby finger food such as rice cakes or vegetable sticks or mini sandwiches ( if over 6 months)


aWorminaManger · 08/12/2007 22:39

lol at 'pin in the arse'. That must be against health and safety!


lizandlulu · 08/12/2007 22:41

alot of places nowadays wont put food in the microwave. its madness i tell you!! especially when they are willing to give you a cup of boiling water to spill over everywhere.
my dd is now 2 so dont need to ask, but i used to head to debenhams where there was a microwave in the 'baby' corner. even though the food was not very good and was expensive.


hatrick · 08/12/2007 22:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

JoyeuxNoelBiggy · 08/12/2007 22:42

The Debenhams I go to has a microwave too. Starbucks will only give one little espresso size cup of hot water, which would go a long way towards heating a jar I should think .

The day I realised that DD1 could have a sandwich was the day these outings became so much easier. DD2 was BLW, so we've never had to depend on anyone else's help, thankfully.


FairyTaleOfNewYork · 08/12/2007 22:44

it is to0 cover their own backs. we werent allowed to heat jarred food in the microwave, years ago, we had these plastic bowls in the coffee shop, which were duel layered. we had to fill them up with boiling hot water, screw a little lid on and tip the food in there to warm the food through.

but then the seals went in the lid and safeway didnt make them anymore.

i always just gave dd's cold jarred food anyway. or finger food.


ruddynorah · 08/12/2007 22:44

ditch the jars, take a sandwich


chipmonkey · 08/12/2007 23:07

YANBU but they are not either! People can be litigious and if they microwave the food and your baby gets a burnt mouth they could be liable. My local cafe would heat the food but I had to specify the number of seconds it was heated for and they always told me to taste it first myself to make sure it was OK. Another cafe near us will make up a "baby bowl" with mashed potato, veg and a little meat, whatever you ask for really, from their hot selection and it was always just nice, never scalding hot.


LyraSilvertinsel · 08/12/2007 23:19

I once gave a restaurant a jar of baby food to heat in their microwave and it came back so scaldingly hot that it could've taken the skin off the roof of DS's mouth. We had to wait a good 15 minutes for it to cool down enough for him to eat.


DoesntChristmasDragOn · 08/12/2007 23:26

I guess the point is that you aren't likely to spoon the hot water into your baby's mouth. You are also unlikely to spill it.

However, hotspots in a jar of food are unnoticable and dangerous.


DoesntChristmasDragOn · 08/12/2007 23:28

And they're not doing it to pss you off, they're doing it because some twt somewhere has tried to sue them.


bunnyhunny · 08/12/2007 23:32

I got really angry about this in tesco cafe. I shouted that i was really offended that they think i wouldnt check my baby's food before feeding it to him.
he wouldnt take the cold food and I stormed out with a screaming, hungry baby. just left the trolley full of shopping next to the table we were sitting at.
I asked for 5 secs in the microwave to take the chill off it. they gave me a bowl of boiling water which my contained didn't sit in very well. I shouted - so it's ok for me to spill boiling water on myself or my baby, but not for you to put his food in the microwave for 5 seconds!!

I get quite angry these days


LyraSilvertinsel · 08/12/2007 23:32

Anyone with half a brain knows about hot spots in microwaved food and stirs then tests before giving to their baby.


DoesntChristmasDragOn · 08/12/2007 23:41

Unfortunately that's not true, Lyra. And a lot appear not to have half a brain either.


DoesntChristmasDragOn · 08/12/2007 23:43

If they give you food from a microwave that burns your baby, it is their fault. If you spill the hot water it's your fault.

Although one might doubt this in the classic tale of the hot coffee in Mcdonalds I guess...


hatrick · 08/12/2007 23:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bunnyhunny · 08/12/2007 23:46

I think what annoyed me more than anything was that they sell microwaves in the bloody shop that the cafe was attached to, but they didnt see fit to provide one in the cafe area for parents of small kids!!


DoesntChristmasDragOn · 08/12/2007 23:47

Ikea sell beds but they don't provide me with one to have a nap in the restaurant


hatrick · 08/12/2007 23:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bunnyhunny · 08/12/2007 23:50

yes I did!
I went out, and needed to feed him. I had his food chilled in a bowl, assuming they would have a microwave. I talked to the manager, and offered to put it in myself, to test it, to only have 5 seconds in the microwave, I said I would take full responsibility. I was DESPERATE. I know he wouldnt eat it cold, and I also knew he couldnt have anything I could have bought at the counter. He was screaming, and I was EXTREMELY stressed.
And they gave me a large cup of water!


bunnyhunny · 08/12/2007 23:52

I didn;t shout at the member of staff, just generally, if that makes it any better. and probably, more of a voice-raising than a shouting.


inthegutter · 08/12/2007 23:53

I can see your point but also theirs. They aren't allowed to use a microwave, end of. And that will be because, as others have pointed out, some idiot will have sued the pants off them at some point.
Personally I would just take some finger food, something that doesnt require warming up , that can just be eaten as and when. Much the simplest thing when you're out and about.


FairyTaleOfNewYork · 08/12/2007 23:58

if you had shouted at me bunny for doing my job and complying with company rules, then, well.

cafe workers get as lot of abuse from customers, and it doesnt make our job any easier.


bunnyhunny · 09/12/2007 00:10

ok so i shouldnt have raised my voice

but I stand my ground. It's ridiculous to refuse to let someone oversee the heating of the baby's food, or to let them do it themself (the microwave was right next to the till), when they are obviously desperate to heat up their baby's food.
what made it worse was that we had recently come abck from Ireland where people fell over themselves to help. the contrast here was marked.

and why compare to providing a bed or a tv?! a microwave in a baby feeding room isn't a ridiculous thing to ask for is it?!

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