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to think that when I drop everything to turn up for a job interview with 45 minutes bloody notice

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colditz · 27/11/2007 19:52

that the interviewer should not proceed to interigate me for 20 minutes about childcare?

I stated very pleasantly that should I be successful in getting the job, I would engage a child minder.

He wanted to know how soon I could engage a child minder, how reliable that child minder would be, how often she would be sick, I would be sick, the children would be sick .... etc.

Eventually I said "I'm afraid I can't answer in any more detail, as obviously until I have a job I don't have a child minder, so I don't know her, so I don't know how reliable she will be. Sorry!"

he didn't look very pleased but I rally didn't know what else to say, the situation is as the situation is, and it was splattered all over the application form that I have small children and would be engaging a child minder - quite what else he wanted me to say I really don't know!

He had no interest in anything else about me!

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 30/11/2007 23:08

oh, she should definitely kick his arse.

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