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To store baking trays in the oven?

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WineGetsMeThroughIt · 01/05/2021 22:34

We have two ovens stacked on top of each other. Top oven is the main one that is used multiple times a day. Bottom oven is used maybe once or twice a week. I cook and bake a lot. As a result we have a lot of cookware, most of which are stored in the kitchen drawers. But there are some things we use regularly (and not regularly) that i keep stored in the bottom oven. Not loads. But 4-5 baking trays of various sizes as well as 3 cast iron pans I use daily.

When the bottom oven is in use the baking trays have to come out and sit on the counter, table or floor. But my husband makes such an ordeal out of this every bloody time. Hugging and puffing saying that storing the extra baking trays in the oven isn't normal and he's never known anyone else who does that. He's only ever lived at home or with me (for 20 years!) I feel like he's making such an issue out of a stupid little thing but he feels that taking the trays out on the rare occasion he needs to use the oven is such a mission.

Does anyone else keep their baking trays in the oven?? Is that weird? Or is he weird? 😂

OP posts:
2020nymph · 01/05/2021 22:49


Oh the poor lamb. Everybody knows how much of struggle it is to take baking trays from the oven and put them on the side. How utterly dreadful for him Grin

LolaO · 01/05/2021 22:49

He’s the weird one here, especially for caring so much. I store baking trays in the oven by choice as we do actually have cupboard space. I just find it easier to keep them in the second oven. DH is the same (and does most of the cooking) so no issue in our household. Aside from one friend absolutely everyone else I know does too. The friend who is the exception is organised to the extent of having a special label maker, and has labelled every drawer, shelf space and cupboard, so has an assigned place for baking trays. She recognises she is in the minority and even she wouldn’t really mind someone storing stuff in the oven (she would just feel compelled to somehow label it).

2020nymph · 01/05/2021 22:50

We do this too as do the rest of my family!

BendingSpoons · 01/05/2021 22:50

Only one oven and store them in there. We probably do have space elsewhere but it's habit. Plus if they aren't dirty they can go back in hot e.g. if you just had a ready meal stand on it.

Gilead · 01/05/2021 22:51

I thought everyone did this!

mermaidsariel · 01/05/2021 22:53

I do too.

Floralnomad · 01/05/2021 22:55

I keep mine in the top oven as I only use that for the grill occasionally , I thought it was a normal thing .

knighterrant · 01/05/2021 22:58

Oh my god, how did I never think of this?!

TheSandman · 01/05/2021 22:59

I thought that's where everyone kept them.

Mydogmylife · 01/05/2021 23:01

Always have done, and so did my mum. DH sisters do as did his mum

SavannahLands · 01/05/2021 23:02

I keep my main Roasting pan and a couple of Baking trays in my oven, but never heavy saucepans as I would fear the heavy weight of them would be detrimental to the outer unit oven suround if left in full time.

Ilovemypantry · 01/05/2021 23:04

I too keep my baking trays and a roasting dish in the oven, nothing weird about it.

LadyEuphemia · 01/05/2021 23:07

We do, no where else to keep them. Totally normal Grin

DuchessMinnie · 01/05/2021 23:12

It's sensible to store them in the oven, especially if they are left in there when the oven is switched on to pre-heat. It dries any excess moisture from washing up and stops them going rusty.

TheSandman · 01/05/2021 23:12

But if you want a reasoned argument for him to latch onto so he can rationalise into it being a good idea (I'm a man, I know how to convince myself of things when I know I'm in the wrong) just point out that they ain't never going to go rusty kept nice warm and dry in the oven.

ChardonnaysPetDragon · 01/05/2021 23:13

surely everybody does that?

TheSandman · 01/05/2021 23:13

Should have read to the end - DuchessMinnie pointed that out already.

CynsterBitch · 01/05/2021 23:14

Me too, where else should they go?

thenightsky · 01/05/2021 23:14

I store baking trays/tins in the oven, as did my mum and my grandmother. Can't argue with history/tradition.

AC12reject · 01/05/2021 23:14

I don't know anyone that doesn't keep their trays in the oven!

strangestranger · 01/05/2021 23:16

I keep my big Dutch oven pot in there. It’s super heavy and bulky. He would hate me! Smile

BrightYellowDaffodil · 01/05/2021 23:16

I do! The pan drawers are full so there’s nowhere else for them to live.

ElleEmDee · 01/05/2021 23:17

I was sick of having no where for trays so when we redid our kitchen we got plinth drawers put in. They are hidden drawers in the kick board at the bottom of the kitchen cupboards. They are shallow but perfect for trays. We have five all along one side of the kitchen and the trays live in the one directly under the oven. DH still sometimes puts them in the oven...

CoalTit · 01/05/2021 23:19

I hate this practice, especially since living in a house with a bully who got irate if I took trays out of the oven so that I could turn it on and cook in it. But even I know that it's not at all unusual.

Stichintime · 01/05/2021 23:20

I don't. Sideways at the edge of the pan cupboard is their rightful place. Would hate to be taking them in and out of the oven everytime I wanted to use it.

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