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To make a formal complaint to the gym?

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mosschops30 · 25/10/2007 10:04

Ok try and keep it short, the gym has a new personal trainer. A few times he has made me feel uncomfortable (training people right next to me so I have to move), he also takes up 4 mats in the mini-gym to train 1 person which gets to me as space is minimal and none of the other trainers do this.

Anyway last night I go into mini gym to do my sit ups and ask if he using the mat by the wall (he has stuff spread over two mats, standing on one and his trainee on the other mat), he said 'yes I am actually', and I said 'what all four'. He then accused me of being rude and shouting that there were 12 other mats, I moved away and continued to train and said fine ok, he just kept on and on and said 'if you wanna complain you can' blah blah. I was furious and his trainee didnt know where to look.

So do I complain to the manager?

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minouminou · 25/10/2007 13:38

The first thing i thought of was 'roid rage - i think this behaviour needs to be pointed out to the manager of the gym.

brimfull · 25/10/2007 13:41


cause mood swings don't they

is he all beefed up?

I would complain about his rudeness

mosschops30 · 25/10/2007 13:43

I am furious now, first time I phoned manager was unavailable, now they wont put me through unless I give my surname, which I'm not prepared to do as then theyll all be gossiping on reception.

I did say I didnt know why they needed my surname to transfer a call.

I am definately going to go to bannatynes after this!!!

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FrightOwl · 25/10/2007 13:49

yes thats why i wouldnt have made a formal complaint! i dont think it would be taken seriously. if you have another gym in mind, go there and sod em

harman · 25/10/2007 13:50

Message withdrawn

Lorayn · 25/10/2007 13:51

Lie, tell them your name is Mrs.Aibu.

mosschops30 · 25/10/2007 13:55

I have spoken to head office now, who have logged my complaint and are contacing the GM of my club as he has to deal with it.

A person I train with regularly has also just emailed me to say they have made a complaint to head office as they were unimpressed by last nights shenanigans (I didnt know this at the time I phoned). So now they have 2 complaints

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TwigorTreat · 25/10/2007 15:45

if you want to get through to a GM of a place .. tell them its a personal call

I would ensure you point out that his aggressive reaction was just the icing on the cake and it has been the times before when he has made you feel uncomfortable that are a key issue

MrsArchieTheInventor · 25/10/2007 15:56

He sounds like the kind of egotistical twunt who masturbates in front of a mirror and exactly the kind of person who puts me off going to a gym.

mosschops30 · 25/10/2007 16:49

lol at masterbating in front of the mirror although i fear you maybe right.

Am still waiting for call back from GM, he finishes at 5pm.

I did say that there have been other times when he has made training difficult for me and thats probably why I made a point last night of asking if I could use the matt.

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