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going to new york without my 18 month old?

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selfishglobetrotter · 18/08/2007 10:39

We booked our trip without too many concerns. We're going for 4 nights and she's staying with my parents who she's very fond of. If we have a rare night out she's so happy with them she barely seems to notice we've gone, so we thought she'd be ok for 4 nights whilst we have a once in a lifetime trip. It's not like this is going to be something we'll ever do again.

However, so many people i've told about it have asked whether she's too young and whether we wouldn't miss her so terribly that we wouldn't be able to enjoy ourselves. At first i brushed it off, but now i'm starting to worry. Are we making a big mistake?

She's also become slightly clingier since we booked the trip, which makes me more concerned about whether it's a good idea.

OP posts:
escape · 18/08/2007 21:33

We got back last week after leaving 18mth and 9 mnth old behind - they hadn't batted an eyelid - there's nothing in NYC for toddlers anyway

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